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  1. League of legends is a game. It happens to lag when i use my internet , such as playing games or even youtube so I had to try it by playing a game. I uninstalled McAfee , will come back with feedback. LE : uninstalled McAfee and it seems that I dont have problems anymore. While checking latecymon i still have the ACPI.sys with 10ms but this seems not to interfere with the performance or anything so i guess i can skip this.
  2. They are upgraded... How can i give you the compressed ETL ? LE: nvm i done it i will send you PM
  3. Here it is : I really dont know which driver should I use as I have tried a couple of them.....
  4. Hello, As i saw Andre you managed to fix some computers around here. I would also like some assistance from you as I kind of encounter the same problems but cannot fix them. Laptop : Toshiba F750-118 Problems : Laptop laggs 1-2-3 seconds when I play games(interval of 5-20 minutes), or watch videos on internet. I am using the ethernet cable most of the times,having the wireless stopped. But the problems are also when i am using the wireless. I cannot do the xperf command as the problems are having periods of 5-20 minutes. I used latency monitor to determine what is causing this problems and after one hour i had this : Driver file Description ISR count DPC count Highest execution (ms) Total execution (ms) Image base Image size Company Product Path ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ndis.sys NDIS 6.20 driver 0 625392 63.819362 4600.180487 0xFFFFF880'0160A000 991232 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft® Windows® Operating System C:\windows\system32\drivers\ndis.sys tcpip.sys TCP/IP Driver 0 125583 31.551611 3551.584738 0xFFFFF880'01800000 2097152 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft® Windows® Operating System C:\windows\system32\drivers\tcpip.sys ACPI.sys ACPI Driver for NT 1699 4188 10.086903 59.108433 0xFFFFF880'00F6C000 356352 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft® Windows® Operating System C:\windows\system32\drivers\acpi.sys mfefirek.sys McAfee Core Firewall Engine Driver 0 115 1.749973 53.884332 0xFFFFF880'08200000 479232 McAfee, Inc. SYSCORE C:\windows\system32\drivers\mfefirek.sys As far as i figured out when the computer is lagging it is affected only by ndis.sys. Even if the ACPI is high that doest makes my computer lag