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  1. I've just solved the problem Thanks so much to everybody
  2. I haven't got any more network card, because system is not on LAN. I wouldn't know where to put this parameters to fix the problem. Any solutions? However, thanks so much for answering once.
  3. Hi everybody. First of all, I have to specify I use Windows XP Professional, Norton Internet Security 2003 and ADSL with Ethernet modem. Well, when I log in, system takes a lot of time before allowing me to use it. The matter is with Norton IS (Antivirus and Personal Firewall) linked to Ethernet modem: in fact, when i log in without having linked the cable, time is much more acceptable. I think that Norton makes some control when modem is linked to PC, but I don't know the reason for which it takes so much time, nor how to deactivate it. Could anybody help me, please? Thank you.

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