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  1. But doing so still create the administrator account, I don't want that. If I set it up myself, instead of the administrator account, I just have an account with my name.
  2. Got all that solved. Now easier question. I want an account which is my name, and I don't want an administrator account. How would I do this?
  3. You can make an MSI or use a program called almeza multiset wich is very nice, it records mouse clicks and generates maccros. You could make an exe file that lauch your scripts, even the almeza self installer, or an exe file that copy something in the startup folder, and your pack could be self installed at the next startup. You can zip your files.... Do you need to use the exe commands to make a silent installer? Are these drivers? Why dont you want to include them in the wizard? Edit You can make an exe file that generate and execute a *.cmd file that will unzip and lauck the apps you zipped and included in source. The same or another exe file could even expand the *.cmd file link in the startup folder, then you wont have to click on your driver pack. You just need to include these 2 exe file in the wizard, if you want this to works alone. And you can add a third *.exe file in the wizard that will expand a *.cmd file for uninstalling cleanning all the previous scripts or links. Or you can make a big rar archive in the source but you ll have to click on it. Why? Yes, they are drivers. I don't really know how to select the correct .inf to add them as drivers. But I have figured out how to launch and run them silently so I figured I could do that. What would be the best way to install them? Or is there a simple explanation on using the drivers section in the program? Also, using rt se7en lite I don't know how to launch just an exe unless you mean like under programs.
  4. Hey all, I'm working on making an install dvd. I have figure out how I can install files through a script, but not using the program. Say I want to include sp24324.exe, sp23425.exe, and sp31628.exe and make a script which references them. How would I do this? I know how to write the script, I actually have a working one, I just need to know how to reference these files, and how to include them. I was thinking put them in the sources folder? Then how would I reference those in a script? Thanks!

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