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  1. Hey Everyone! I was wondering if it is possible to make an unlimited partition, because there are different kind of size's. I am referring to this part: -<CreatePartitions> -<CreatePartition wcm:action="add"> <Order>1</Order> <Size>25000</Size> <Type>Primary</Type> </CreatePartition> In this example im making a 25GB primary hard disk. But what if another hard disk is bigger than this do i have to change the size every time or can i make it unlimited so that it fits on each disk? Thanks in advance! B)
  2. I finally fixed the problem. The problem was that i didn't create an answer file because i was too lazy I created the answer file using windows system image manager. (SIM) I attached the autounattend.xml (answer file) to this post. I will keep this post open for future reference! Autounattend.xml
  3. I don't really understand what u mean maybe my english is just bad. (sinds i'm from the Netherlands) When i finished mounting the virtual disk (step 13) i did create an install.wim lager than 5GB, i replaced the old one with the 5GB wim file and got back at step 7. I wanted to test the image in an virtual machine first before burning it, for that i used virtualbox and while installing i got that error message.
  4. Yes thats right, i put a attachment in the post wich looks like it but then with the error code: 0x80070026
  5. Hey everyone, I tried making a autounattedent windows 7 a few times, but i always get a message while trying to install the custom win7, that the file D:\Sources\install.wim doens't exist error code: 0x80070026. And i can't seem to find the solution to this problem anywhere, or maybe i'm just being stupid.. The steps i use to make an autounattendent win7 are here below: 1. Copy all contents of the DVD to your local hard disk, for instance D:\w7. 2. Download and install resource hacker. 3. Download & install waik for windows 7. 4. Download gimagex for windows 7, extract it copy gimagex.exe in the same directory of imagex.exe. 5. Run gimagex, in the mount tab select a mount location. then browse to D:\w7\sources select install.wim as the wim source check the box "read and write", then go to your mount location, you will find a folder named windows, for branding you have to modify the following files: a ) explorer.exe for the start orb, open explorer.exe with resource hacker under section bitmap replace the 6801, 6805 & 6809 resource with your orb b ) %mountlocation%\windows\system32\bootstr.dll also %mountlocation%\windows\system32\en-US\bootstr.dll.mui c ) %mountlocation%\windows\system32\imageres.dll you have to modify this for login screen d ) %mountlocation%\windows\branding\basebrd\basebrd.dll also %mountlocation%\windows\branding\basebrd\en-US\basebrd.dll.mui e ) %mountlocation%\windows\branding\shellbrd\shellbrd.dll f ) %mountlocation%\windows\system32\shell32.dll g ) %mountlocation%\windows\system32\uxtheme.dll h ) %mountlocation%\windows\web\wallpaper\windows\img0.jpg 6. Go to gimagex check the box "commit changes", select your wim file then click unmount. 7. Make an iso file by using the command: "%systemroot%\program files\windows aik\tools\x86\oscdimg -lW7DVD -h -n -m -bD:\w7\boot\etfsboot.com d:\w7 d:\w7.iso" your iso file should be saved as d:\w7.iso. 8. Install any virtual machine, create virtual machine with minimum setting like: 2 proccessors, 2GB RAM, and 20GB HDD. "Select the created iso as the source" 9. Start your machine, windows installation will be started normally, accept license etc. 10. Windows setup will complete the process and will give you a page where you can enter your product key, do not type anything just press ctrl+shift+f3 which will reboot your pc to audit mode and a default sysprep window will appear, do not close this! 11. Install your necessary applications, reboot if necessary, apply registry tweaks, note that registry keys having value "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" won't work, you have to run them via setupcomplete.cmd. 12. On the sysprep window select Enter system out of box experience, select shutdown and then run sysprep. 13. Mount your virtual hard disk with the drive letter z: (I used Winmount) 14. Click start > windows aik > command prompt type: imagex /compress fast /check /flags "Ultimate" /capture z: d:\install.wim "Windows 7 Ultimate" "Windows 7 Ultimate x86" note that "Ultimate" is a flag and it may vary according to your windows 7 version 15. Now you have a wim file as D:\install.wim replace D:\w7\sources\install.wim with this one. (My wim file ended up being around 5GB) 16. Download and install winintegrator (it requires .net framework 4 beta 2 to be installed). 17. Run winintegrator, select your location of windows 7 media such as D:\w7. 18. You can integrate drivers (can be downloaded from driverpacks.net), remove unnecessary packages via winintegrator (but once you have finished removing packages these can never be added). 19. Create an autounattended.xml file (I didn't do this because im not really good at creating such things ). 20. Copy this autounattended.xml file to D:\w7. 21. Make an iso image of your windows 7 installation files using commands you used at step 8. And you are done!! I really dont know where i went wrong because every step i did worked successfully. Except when i tried to install the windows on a virtual machine to test it i got the error message: 0x80070026 maybe its because the install.wim is too big for iso to handle.. i dont know My question is how do i make this work??? I appreciate the help in advance!