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  1. Hello All I need this formula in Excel 2007, Please help me. (Numbers in C cells) - (8:30) ,,,if results (-) then show it with red color in F cells. sum all red numbers show in cell H1 sum all black numbers show in cell H2 H3 = H1-H2 Please let me put it in this way : I wanna see which one of my employee is late; my start time is 8:30 Thanks&Regards Abbas
  2. USB printer cable?

    So much thanks SmaugyGrrr, this was the best answer that i got. also i got after this reply another page that is useful, this the address: Thank you Andromeda43, your answer helped me, too. Abbas Reason for edit: Cleaned up
  3. USB printer cable?

    on printer cable's wire its somethings like a 2.5 cm cylinder also with plastic covering, (also i saw it on LCD cables too ), i heard that it is for NOISE, but i dont know is it right or not and i wana know more, if its possible , please be in detail. thanks to reply me Abbas
  4. USB printer cable?

    Dear readers im wondering if you be kind enough to tell me, whats that nodous for? what called? what dose that exactly do? How much it effected on a printing process? THANKS AND REGARDS FOR YOUR KINDNESS Abbas
  5. Modem's structure

    Hello I would like to know about modem's structure fisically, for ex. what is chock on modems and how dose it works, or what diffrences is between modems with 3 cheeps with a modem thats has just 1 cheep? or so on. it would be my pleasure if you be kind enough to answer me. Thanks before Abbas