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  1. This project was successful. Win 7 and win xp now boot from separate hard drives by selecting them from the BIOS boot menu. Many, many thanks to those who helped. The step by step process and links can be found at the HP forums: HERE in post 35. I'll post that here if it will make things easier and someone will tell me where it belongs.
  2. OK, I'll try it. I was editing the post above when you typed that. Will be a day or 2 before I can, but the big job is done. Thanks again.
  3. The newest wxp pro iso installed OK into virtual box with no new drivers except those from Fernando's links. Very encouraging, thanks a million so far. Am a bit skittish about installing it onto the new HD, so a question first, please. Can i just install the other drivers from the .inf files when win xp is up and running? That is, amdhub30.inf, amdxhc.inf, and any others that are needed? Edit: The installation onto the new HD went perfectly with nothing but the driver linked in Fernando 1's post. Just held my breath, crossed my fingers, and away we went. :-) After re-plugging in the original hard drive, the default boot is to win 7. Tapping <ESC> gives the option to boot from SATA 0, which is win 7, or SATA 1, which is win xp. Now will go about the business of installing the drivers for the rest of the hardware. I must quit this project for a while, but still would like to know, can i install the new drivers from their .inf files? I have never installed nor updated drivers manually. Thanks a million, Fernando and sp0iledBrAT. You are heroes. I am enourmously grateful. If there are any details or pictures I can post to help other readers, just say what they are and it will be done. :-)
  4. OK, working on it now. Thanks. Will post results.
  5. Hi. I have an HP p7-1235 desktop. Win 7 installed by HP on a 1 tb SATA drive. The specs are attached. I have been trying to get it to dual boot windows XP 32 bit from a separate 1 tb SATA hard drive. Have made several nLite ISOs. One of them gets as far as the blue screen in this picture. Have not a clue what to do next. Brain is rapidly turning to mush. I have been slipstreaming drivers from this site: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/raid_windows.aspx#4 ... same drivers as here I think: http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/Pages/integrated_xp-32.aspx#2 . The last session ini is attached. Fernando 1, will the last set of modded drivers you posted work for this purpose? Also, to install win xp to the new HDD, should I start the computer in IDE or AHCI mode? From reading some of the previous posts in this topic, it seems that AHCI mode is the way to go, but I'm not sure. The choices are IDE, AHCI and RAID. Thanks much for any help you can offer. Last Session_8.ini p7-1235_Speccy_ed.txt