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  1. If anyone starts a new thread with the topic "Guide to build XP/SP3 setup drivers included and more" within the Forum named "nLite Forum", the visitors do expect,1. that there is something like a "Guide" (and not a simple link) within the start post, 2. that the thread starter has written the "Guide" himself and 3. that the "Guide" has been designed for users of the tool nLite. None of these preconditions are given. The title is absolutely misleading. I even doubt, that this thread is really helpful for nLite users. Please compair your "guide" with my "sticky" ones within this Forum. The correct title for this thread would be "Link to another Forum with a description of the DriverPacks method". Please show me the sticky for the driver packs method.
  2. I chose a wrong word maybe to the name of the thread. Found this as a part of what guide means. "pamphlet, etc., giving information, instructions, or advice; handbook: an investment guide".
  3. I totally agree, but I have been able to build an XP/SP3 install disc that is fully unattended from the format drive stage of the install, and it only has a small number of windows updates to get, and it is a universal setup not respective to hardware or system type whereby driver installs are not required. The guide mentioned that he would have to write a book to go into all the details so it is (in my opinion) more of a suggestion of a procedure to build an XPSP3 setup that works on any PC. In keeping with the Nlite purpose I do reduce the size of the XP by about 150Mb's, and depending on which driver packs i include I can make it fit on a CD disc. The large packs for sound and video are omitted, and only the mass storage, chipset, and lan or wireless lan are kept.
  4. LOL, you people are so pathetic. How sad. It has been fun too. Keep em coming will you please. You are humoring me greatly too. Don't be shy now. I need this more than a tooth ache. Very childish too. So sad really.
  5. That's great thanks for the info and so the point is?
  6. This bashing of a guide doesn't answer my request for the sticky of a better so called guide in here. As far as the fragmenting it was done that way to simplify questions for the reader. The person could refer to the post number and ask could that be explained in another way? Or I don't understand a part of a certain post. Could you clear up this part for me? However, thank you for editing it, as I think it is better the way you developed it. I do not care what it is called(guide-checklist) as long as it gives someone help making a XP/SP3 setup disc that installs on modern systems ie; ahci mass storage controllers.
  7. I guess you need pictures. Sorry, it is a guide and a very good guide. Did you (read) it all and notice the posts on page two? It speaks for itself. Again where is a guide like this on this forums? Show me the so called stickies. Please and Thank You!
  8. Obviously you didn't understand. I asked for a sticky on a driver packs guide. It was stated that there are lots of stickies on that. Thank You.
  9. Where is the guide on using the driver packs method to update XP setup? Also when I finish updating XP/SP3 setup there are just a small number of updates to download and most are net frameworks patches. And the setup disc is a universal install, and not Intel/Amd specific. How can this way not be a much better method to build a XP/SP3 setup disc in that respect? As far as being a bit dated, the operating system has been around for 11 years and that is dated as well. All in all it still works very well, even on new systems/hardware except for SSD's, but that can be worked around. No offense but I fully disagree with you.
  10. Must be O.K. No negative comments after 19 views.
  11. I found site and think it might be very helpful. Aimed at the not so technical user ie; newbs like myself. It uses a driver packs method of intergrating mass storage drivers ie; ahci sata hard drive systems. driverpacks dot net/ If this isn't under the correct forums page please move it to whatever page you think is best. As far as the title change it to whatever you like I do not care about that as well. Whatever makes all you people happy do it. bye
  12. I can help with driverpacks method, but pick another thread under nlite as this thread is for fernando integration method. Thanks.
  13. I am staying to the topic of this thread. So....
  14. Spot on fernando. I have currently 4 custom built PC's. 2 Intel and 2 AMD. I have been useing nlite and driverpacks method for years and have none of these problems being reported like above and by many others in this thread. The driverpacks method does not rely on user knowledge of his/her system hardware to install XP/SP3 with ahci controlers systems. it finds the proper drivers and just installs with zero problems, period. The beauty of the driverpacks method is that one can also install the chipsets, lan, wireless lan, sound, and video and as previously stated it just works period. One might call it drivers integration for dummies.
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