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  1. Ok. I took my dvd/cd drive out and used that sata port and power. Here is the results. 1.Yes 2.Yes 3.No way to test 4.Yes 5.No way to test When I hook the HD up it freezes everything up. It takes away my pointer and it will not let me do anything until I unplug the HD. I can have disk management already pulled up and it will show up under disk management but it will not let me do anything with it.
  2. 1.Yes 2.No way in testing 3.No way in testing 4.No way in testing 5.No way in testing Disable the shell hardware detection. Seatools will not find HD. I have sata to usb only unless I put the drive back in the orginal PC. Do I need to purchase a sata cable to go from my HD to PC. Update: I just realized I need a esata to sata cable. I will get one on order.
  3. Ok. Here we go. I will try to explain it in a way you can help me. The drive hooked to usb it will search for files and folders and even so up as two partions in my computer. Before it finishes searching for files and folders it removes the two partions out of my computer and a little trouble symbol shows up at the bottom on the task bar. It says Delayed write failed some some files and folders could not be save try to save data somewhere else. Seatools will not find it threw usb. It will not show up in disk management with connected to usb. Ok that is all the info with it connected to usb. Moving on to putting the hd back into my tower after the 0 lba fix and before the new firmware. Seatools in the dos mode find my hd and and it try to scan it but short and long test failed. It got to like 3 percent and failed with bad sectors. That is when I flashed the new firmware and it took the firmware with success. Before I did the 0 lba fix I tried the firmware upgrade hoping to fix it but it said model matched but firmware did not match. I have tried the hd on another computer which runs windows vista but it will not show up at all on that computer. Thanks for your patience in trying to resolve my issue.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I read about upgrading the firmware could be a bad thing. I guess I was grasping for straws. At first the hd would not take the new firmware but after the 0 lba fix it took the new firmware. I tried the hd after the 0 lba fix and before the new firmware upgrade but it would not boot. That is when I figured I had nothing to lose and it accepted the new firmware from the boot disk. It did not help it of course. Thanks again. If anyone else has a fix let me know.
  5. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. I have the same issue with my seagate 7200.11. The model number is ST3320813AS. It showed 0lba and I did the 0lba fix and put the hard drive in my computer and still nothing. I ran seatools and it actually showed my 320 gbyte hard drive and I tried to scan it but it showed bad sectors. Before I ran seatools it showed 0lba. So the fix worked partially. It also let me upgrade to the new firmware S2B. I have also tried the busy fix with no success. It says zone re-format was skipped. Is this my problem. Can anybody help me. You can PM me because I have read that you can go so far on this forum. If someone can give me a cmd to try. P.S. When I try plugging the drive from sata to usb the drive displays in my computer for a moment and then disappears.