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  1. Hi lwjohns, I downloaded the 2 ULs and found 1 error in both UL: the link-target for Office Professional Plus is since february 2015 is not valid anymore, because MS has shut down all the DigitalRiver-servers! Further: 1) the lists are for Office Professional Plus and some KBs are not needed for the "normal" Office Professional: click2run2010-kb2986257-fullfile-x86-glb (only x86) imeloc2010-kb2837582-fullfile-x86-glb (both) infopath2010-kb2817396-fullfile-x86-glb (both) kb24286772010-kb3085597-fullfile-x86-glb (both) mscomct22010-kb2589288-fullfile-x86-glb (both) ogl2010-kb3085529-fullfile-x86-glb (both) pjloc2010-kb3054882-fullfile-x86-glb (both) project2010-kb3085531-fullfile-x86-glb (both) targetdir2010-kb2825640-fullfile-x86-glb (both) May be you can put those KBs in a different category . 2) If you install the KBs after installing Office Pro 2010 it's OK; if you integrate their .msp, either you exclude the proofloc from the integration and install it after Office has been installed. Why? The proof-xx-xx.msp have the same name as the file from SP2, but the content is different. Or you rename the proof-xx-xx.msp before you put them in the Updates-folder. May be you can put an hint in the first post . I just made a clean installation of Office Prof 2010 with SP2 integrated and can confirm all. Regards, Thiersee P.S.: Ciao trash491 Edit I forgot: after installing Office Prof 2010 SP2 WU asks for KB2553428 too
  2. Hi, there is a small "cosmetic" bug in the italian file lang-it.js (one word not translated): It should be Annulla The text in the button is correct. Regards, Thiersee
  3. Hi People, I updated WPI from 8.6.3 to 8.7.2 with two Problems: 1) Not possible to switch off the count-down to start; solved with the new WPI.hta. 2) Old config.js not compatible with 8.7.2: solved too by deleting the lines (option not present in the new Versio). bit64[pn]=['yes']; bit64[pn]=['no']; What I would need now are actual language files for german and italian: can somebody give me a link to? Thanks, Thiersee

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