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  1. I can't even get the headphones working. What drivers did you use for that?
  2. Hey Kel, cancell that order for the driverpacks. My theory worked, I run the finisher at the end of my cleanup batch file and it didn't crash Thanks for the installer, it rocks!
  3. Thanks for the reply, it's great that I can contribute to a project that is so usefull! I have tried installing everything again and decided that because it was a java script error that I would not install Java, and bingo it didn't crash. So I thought, but when I reformatted again it crashed. I think the best thing would be to install the driverpacks a different way. What other way can I run the driverpacks? I think an execute after script with WPI would work great and I could tack the driverpack finisher to the end of my cleanup batch, but it would need to run the finisher on the condition that it is on the %systemdrive% to aviod an error.
  4. I am using WPI 6.2 with Windows xp and have slipstreamed sp2 and post updates, media player 11 and ie7 using nLite. I used Bâshrat the Sneaky driverpacks and installed it via guirunonce while installing WPI via RunWPI.exe (runonceex). The problem there was the driverpacks and WPI run at the same time, so I used the runonceex method for the driverpacks (oem.exe i think that's what it's called from memory) but ie7 didn't like it because the driverpacks file adds a title in the runonceex registry and i found that my computer refused to load anything from runonceex while the title was there. For some reason it didn't name the systemdrive either and instead of c:/DPsFnshr.exe it just had /DPsFnshr.exe So i decided the best idea was to was to use WPI and install driverpacks last. All went well untill the finisher started at the end and that's when WPI stopped! It complained about a WPI Undefined error. Then i got JScript runtime eror:'rbf Handle' is null or not an object [368] Thread 170 I dont like ask for help on forums because I have never received any as yet I have reformatted and installed xp since and the error is repeatable every time. At least it's consistant and that makes my job easier. I tried the installation with just the driverpack in wpi and no software and it doesn't crash, well that's a start right? Now I have narrowed the software clash to 3 possible programs: Microsoft Office Professional Java 2 Runtime Environment Macromedia Flash Player 9 So now I'll have to reformat my poor laptop another time to narrow it down to 1

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