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  1. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    Thank you Rick. Was getting a bit tedious. This whole "I hate Win8, going back to Win7", is the same we read back when Win7 first came out. Tons of people were spouting "I hate Win7, going back to XP." I'm just glad that people who have positive experiences with Win8, aren't getting bashed for posting about liking Win8, like some did with Win7. Everyone has an opinion, just like everyone has an _______. But come on people, enough's enough.
  2. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    The only way that thing will rise is when Ballmer is fired or resigns and Sinofsky follows him out the door. Fanboys at Neowin? Your quite mistaken. There is a mix of people. Some there are like me. I use it because it works for me, but hate what it looks like. Then you have people there that hate it and you also have the ones who love it. So why not stop all these insane posts about "Win8 fanboys of Neowin".
  3. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    Believe me I get it. But it's my choice to use it. It runs my games smoother then Win7 x64 ever did. I use what works. So I use it at this time. If Win8 stops working for me, then I go back to Win7. Simple. But the moment Steam works on Linux natively for all my games, it's bye-bye Windows for good.
  4. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    LakotaRising, Welcome to the discussion. I've been using various versions of Windows 8 since the Developer Preview, and honestly my own experience has been far from heavenly; I won't be buying Windows 8 if I can avoid it. I do my work off the Desktop. I got tired of having repeatedly to make a conscious decision NOT to put the mouse pointer in the lower left corner, lest the Start Menu pop up unwanted, and NOT to put the pointer in the upper or lower right corners, lest the Charms bar spring out unwanted. These distractions interrupted the flow of my work. I found that the Start Screen didn't offer me anything I wanted that the Start Menu already does. But worse, the Start Screen takes over the whole monitor, which makes it harder to follow complicated instructions in Internet Explorer or a help or program window. The Start Screen just gets in the way of everything. My oher dissatisfaction with Windows 8 is esthetic in nature. I look at my screen all day long, and the Win8 environment is so much less visually appealing to me. The 3D effect is gone, everything has a flat look; the glass effect in windows is gone; and dull pastel colors dominate throughout. Some folks might actually prefer that, but then in Vista and 7 you could disable the eye candy and go with a dull Home Basic-type look if you wished. Windows 8 removes that choice -- and the lack of user choice in Windows 8 is what really bothers most of us in this thread. Ultimately, the concern is that Microsoft will expand this lack of choice and remove the Desktop altogether in a future version of its OS, so that we can only work within the "Metro" interface, which allows you to have at most two applications open at the same time, with one limited to a smaller area of the screen. It depends how you use Windows: if you never show more than two windows on the screen at a time, you might be OK with that limitation; but if you often need to have three or more windows of the same size open and showing at the same time, you will find the Metro UI to be a crippled, confining experience. For many of us, the beauty of Windows has always been the freedom to customize our environment and experience to suit our individual needs and preferences. The concern is that, with Windows 8, Microsoft is signaling an intention to channel and restrict the way that we interact with our computers. My hope is that even folks who like the "Metro" interface will understand that problem, and let Microsoft know it. --JorgeA Well, you could always give Start8 a shot. Or an app similar. But in my opinion, if your going to go to that extreme, you might as well stay on Win7.
  5. Hello MSFN!

    For most people, it isn't a priority until, for some reason, they just can't deal with Windows anymore. But the offer still stand, if you find yourself needing any help, just give me a shout.
  6. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    I don't see it as a Vista. I used Vista for a few weeks and downgraded to WinXP. I use the Start Screen to access every thing I use. I very seldom am on the desktop. I do think that MS should have included an app to make other software into Metro appz by default. But that's just me. In fact, everything that I run, including my games like Skyrim, New Vegas, Fallout 3 and Oblivion, play much smoother under Win8 then they ever did under Win7. Look, I'm not a fanboi of Win8, but in my experience, I use what works.
  7. Hello MSFN!

    That's a start. If you ever need any help you can pm me here or come by my site and myself or one of the other mems will help you.
  8. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    I use Win8 and I didn't like it at first. It was mainly the GUI. Took awhile to get used to. But when I did, I liked it. I know what you have been reading, I have read it myself. Let me express one thing to you. No matter what others have written, the only thing that matters is your own personal experiences. I personally got frustrated trying to figure it all out at first and everyday that I was on it was torture, but when I did get used to it, it was pure Heaven. I cannot see downgrading back to Win7 now. Anyways, my main reason for posting in this thread is to say: Don't let others tell you not to try it or use it. These are their personal experiences on it. All that actually matters is what your experiences uncover.
  9. Hello MSFN!

    Hello to everyone. Not much to tell about me. Native American, married with 3 children, one child living at home. Been online forever it seems. Am a member at a few sites and have my own site which is mainly Linux related.