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  1. I'm not at home at the moment, so I won't be able to try your suggestions until later on. The Creative drivers for Windows 7 have been a complete farce. Is the time to start this significantly worse than expected? I'm tempted to replace the card with another brand, this might be the tipping point. I'll remove MSE and try Avira instead. AMD CCC and Logitech I use for gaming, neither of which are essential at the first point where the PC is booted. Do you think it would be best to use Task Scheduler to set these to open at boot with a delay? SABnzbd.exe is a downloader program, having it run in the background is only a convenience. Same again with TS? Will do. Thanks for your help
  2. Yeah, realised I should do so the correct files are in my post above.
  3. Ok, I've fully removed the previous driver and updated with the latest driver I could find (the only alternative was a beta) and re-ran the test. Here's the updated files: http://db.tt/7Xu4sSh6 Thanks for your help with this, it's appreciated.
  4. Hi, The start-up on my PC always feels slow, especially inbetween entering the password to log-on and the desktop. Running Windows 7 x64, 4GB RAM with an AMD Phenom II X3 720BE processor and an Asus motherboard. I've enclosed the xbootmgr log, could you take a look at it and advise me how to improve it? Thanks! Dropbox