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  1. CD tray won't open

    Thank you very much for your reaction, Kelsenellenelvian. Unfortunately my trays are a bit different. I have a trays that are both protected with individual flaps and arent reachable when closed. I can remove that flap with a paperclip, and the tray will become reachable. Unfortunately this only applies to the upper tray... Behind the bottom tray flap i see 2cm forward in the computer a metal plate with big holes in it. So i'm afraid that you're solution won't help me. Thanks though
  2. No CD

    Hello people, I'm downloading some games lately. Some work, but there are also games (fifa, lotr, lego island xtreme and rise of rome tw) that do install, but when you click on them to start playing, say: insert correct CD, or: no CD found. Anybody a solution? thanks
  3. CD tray won't open

    Hello people, The bottom cd tray (i have two cd trays) of my pc can't be opened anymore and in it is a cd rom i need to get out of the cd tray... I already tried with vbscript to open the cd tray but only the upper cd tray opened and when i kept that one open and did it again no cd tray opened. Does anybody know about a vbscript code to open the bottom cd tray or does anybody know how to modificate the former code to one that opens the bottom cd tray? Thanks