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  1. Hi jaclaz, I am now not using the usb floppy, I have intergrated the complete chipset and mass storage drivers into the flash xp install using the complete driver packs as suggested, i boot from xp flash drive it loads all the integrated drivers says setup starting windows pauses 20 seconds and then it bsod 07b's regards
  2. I'm installing from a flash drive though so need the use of USB don't I ?
  3. Hey folks, I have intergrated both the chipset complete driver pack and mass storage complete driver pack and guess what still getting the dread Bsod 07b I guess im probably going to be stuck with windows 7 One Question Windows 7 is installed at present could that have any effect on Bsod? Regards
  4. Hi jaclaz, I have successfully installed windows 7 from flash on this machine so all is not entirely lost, but my brother in law wants xp I'm day off tomorrow so will try the fully integrated drivers pack Cheers
  5. Hi bphipt, On this machine the password is not stored in CMOS it's stored to a flash chip Cheers
  6. No bios password as was bought as liquidated stock from a company who went out of business so can't change to IDE mode I will try every driver see how I get on Cheers
  7. Hi Jaclaz, thanks for you response, the Bsod comes after loading the driver from floppy the screen changes to starting windows and 5 seconds late bsod 07 I will have to try every driver on the floppy as they are definitely the correct sata drivers for the computer as downloaded fromp HP do i need the chipset drivers and the sata drivers?
  8. Hi, I have a my brother in laws HP Elite Book 8740w Mobile workstation, I have been trying to install XP from flash for a few days, and keep getting the dreaded bsod STOP 0X0000007B (0XF78D2524) (0XC00000034) (0X00000000, 0X000000000). I believe this is related to XP not being able to find the SATA drive. So heres a description of what I have done so far I used Nlite to slip stream the unpacked chipset drivers downloaded off HP support site and then used wintoflash to make a bootable usb drive result fail. Next I created a flash usb xp without drivers and used F6 floppy downloaded from intel and installed driver at this point from a usb floppy result fail. he wants it installing in ahci mode so I know SATA drivers are required I installed windows 7 and it identified the driver as intel 5 series 6 port sata controller so I know/think this is the right driver and is included in hp downloaded chipset drivers as win 7 shows this im at a loss and not sure what else to do? its the core I7 version 4gb ram 250gb toshiba sata drive Please help a first time poster I have gone insane PS. I read somwhere that the usb 3 controller driver not being part of xp could also cause problems any thoughts?