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  1. First off, Wasnt really setup as raid, I bought a raid controller card as I ran out of sata spots on my MOBO. Basically just plugged card into mobo, plugged HD into card and was good. Im running Vista When I reconnected the drive I just hit f4 to go into raid setup just to see of the HD was shown and it was. I exited and completed startup and then found the drive not shown in my computer and found it in disc management. I did a regular format of the whole drive as 1 partition and then tried a few data recovery programs, Minitools data recovery, recuva, easuse data recovery. All came up with nothing so Im probly just screwed
  2. So I had a seagate 750 GB ST3500320AS drive. One day I found it just not being recognized, and after searching came across the firmware fix. The Components finally arrived yesterday and I was able to perform the BSY fix and everything went fine, re-installed the HD and went into raid setup and it was shown and I thought I was golden. Then I went in to check my computer and the drive wasnt shown. Went into disc management and it was shown as not initialized. So basically my system is reading it as a new HD. Wants me to format/partition it So now I need help on what to do to get the data back. I tried to just make the whole HD one partition with quick format so I could run a file recovery program but gives error wont let me format. And I cant use a recovery program on the drive until its setup. So not sure if I should do regular format of the drive and then run a recovery program or what. Any ideas?
  3. So I just did this fix, the BSY fix. It worked as the hard drive is now found by computer, but the partitions and data are no longer there. I tried couple recovery programs that just hang after a while. Tried to do quick format so that I could run other recovery programs but always get an error. Not sure whats wrong with it now