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  1. Thanks for the help anyway.
  2. I've tested with 4 different mice that all have no acceleration whatsoever, same exact thing occurs: CM Spawn, Deathadder, Zowie AM, G400 Mouse Pads: QCK Heavy, Razer Goliathus, Artisan Hein, Desk itself What I see in game: I get the same amount of negative acceleration with every mouse. The issue will occur even with extremely slow swipes, so i doubt it's that i'm hitting max tracking on my mice. Moving my mice in a straight line across my pad will make my character in game look slightly to the ground as he pans to the side which lead me to believe it was an interrupt related problem. I haven't been able to test a mouse over ps/2, but i have tested all my mice on a second PC where they all work flawlessly. There seems to be something wrong with motherboard itself as the issue persists even when re-installing windows and a BIOS update. What I've tried so far: 1. Deleting / re-installing drivers 2. Re-installing the MarkC Fix 3. Closing all background programs while i game 4. Different video drivers 5. Making sure EPP is off and Windows is at 6/11 with 100% scaling 6. Re-installing my games 7. Unplugging any other device aside from my mouse while testing in game 8. Re-formatting to a completely fresh install 9. Trying different ports / disabling USB 3 and legacy in BIOS 10. BIOS flash 11. Disabling all power saving features / c steps 12. Stress testing my hardware (minus motherboard) 13. Checked hardware for any loose cables 14. Tried my SSD by itself and on every sata port 15. Installed Win 7 to HDD 16. Removing GPU and running on onboard video 17. Used one stick of RAM at a time 18. And lastly checking to see if my issue was DPC related by posting my info here Everything minus the mouse movement in game works. I tried changing IRQ to see if it was a conflict issue, but Windows doesn't allow me to reassign them unless it says there's an issue. I have no idea what else to do except to RMA the board, it worked fine for a short time then this issue came up out of nowhere.
  3. I've tried it both ways; before i re-installed windows i used the vendors, when the issue appeared the very first thing i did was uninstall them and try the generic MS drivers only. It's funny that the etl shows no issue while Latencymon tells me otherwise. Would the etl show if the issue stems from a faulty motherboard? I've tested every piece of hardware i have, but have no idea how to go about testing my motherboard itself or it's I/O Ports. Edit: I had found two threads while researching my problem where one was resolved by disabling all power saving features in BIOS and Windows (didn't work for me) and the other could only get rid of the negative acceleration by buying a new motherboard altogether.
  4. That's weird, i've tried plugging all 3 of my mice to every port with the same erratic mouse behavior, guess my issue is related to something else then. Like i said, worked fine for a month before problem started. Thanks for the help, i appreciate it.
  5. I only have 2 USB devices (mouse / keyboard) and they seem to be on: Intel 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller 1E26 - IRQ = 23 Where i do see USB sharing is on IRQ 16. The devices sharing IRQ 16 are: 1. Intel USB Enhanced Host Controller 1E2D 2. Intel PCI Express Root Port 1 1E10 3. Intel PCI Express Root Port 5 1E18 4. Intel Management Engine Interface 5. Xeon Processor PCI Express Root Port 0151 PC's a new build ~ 3 months old, worked fine for a month or so. Specs: i5-3570k Asrock z77 Extreme4 Intel 330 SSD WD Blue HDD ATI HD 5850 Corsair HX750 8 Gig's GSKILL 1600
  6. Been having issues with erratic mouse behavior in game (negative acceleration and cursor pointing downward randomly) with 3 different mice in all games. I did a ton of hardware tests and came to the conclusion either my motherboard is faulty or i have driver conflicts. I also ran xperf while running Battlefield 3, but the file is huge and i'm having trouble interpreting the results. The tests seem to point to USBPORT.sys as the main culprit; i tried updating my drivers, re installing windows etc., but nothing worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  7. Are you sure? it wasn't there until recently, but i'll take your word for it. Thanks again for the help, it's appreciated.
  8. Just a correction to my previous post: i do still have, "deferred procedure calls..." system interrupts in task manager/resources, but it isn't eating up much CPU on a closer look (about 0.30 to 1.20 under the Average CPU column). Regardless, i know the system interrupt shouldn't be there, so i'll run another trace and hopefully that'll point me in the right direction. Will be back soon with the results.
  9. So my main issue has been resolved thanks to MagicAndre1981, but i still seem to have the process, "Deferred procedure calls and interrupt services routines" eating up cpu resources; Any idea's?
  10. So it seems you were right MagicAndre1981; i uninstalled Norton 360 (couldn't successfully end all it's processes via task manager), and my dpc issues vanished. Amazing/sad that their AV was the culprit, the thought never even crossed my mind. Thanks for everything MagicAndre1981, i really do appreciate it. @bruvau12: dpc.txt should be in you system32 folder....C:>Windows>System32. List it by date modified, should be at the top along with DPC_Interrupt.etl.
  11. I'm having difficulty killing my Symantec/Norton 360 at the moment, it refuses me access. It's funny, because the possibility of it being my AV never even crossed my mind; will update once i've figured out how to kill all Norton processes to test again.
  12. Hello everyone, new to the forums. Stumbled across this thread while looking for a solution to my high dpc latency on my PC; It occurs most while online gaming (game would stutter, frames would drop dramatically, and mouse would receive input lag all within 5 min of playtime), and while browsing the web. As suggested on this site among others, i ran a trace test as well as LatencyMon. dpc.txt: My link DPC_Interrupt.etl: My link LatencyMon Report: My link (LatencyMon is showing the NDIS 6.20 driver as having the highest execution time.) LatencyMon listed by IRS: My link LatencyMon listed by Executions: My link I've tried updating all drivers to no avail, issue persists. I'm still new to PC's in general and having a hard time trying to figure out my next steps to resolve the issue. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Note: Tests were done while browsing websites randomly so as to reproduce the DPC latency. Pc Specs, Gateway fx6831-01: Windows 7 HP 64bit / i7 860 @2.8 (stock) / IntelH57 Mobo / 8 Gigs RAM / HD 5850