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  1. cheers for your help magicandre, I'll contact Samsung to see what they say.
  2. the silent mode makes no difference on or off. Will installing a different version of windows help with the problem?
  3. It's a Samsung Chronos 700Z3C-S01 Laptop, 8GB RAM, 1TB, 14" My link
  4. The laptop is only about a month old and is on the latest bios
  5. I disabled comodo but no influence, I had this problem even after a clean install. I attached the temp of my hardware and the temperature seem high as a result of the load being applied to it?
  6. do this and this time compress the ETL file and upload it. this is ok. DPCs and interrupts are used by the system all the time so the values are ok. I ran the test again and uploaded the text file. I also sent you a personal message of the actual dpc file. I think my problem my be ACPI.sys BTW thanks for taking time out to help us solve our problem dpc.txt
  7. Maybe my trace didn't get the cause of the problem because I really don't think my cpu usage should be averaging 30%. I'll run it again.
  8. I finally got the final txt file which i attached to this message but I'm not sure which drivers are causing the problem dpc.txt
  9. yes it works. Where do you have issues to follow?
  10. Hi, newbie here. I'm having an issue with my laptop having a cpu idle usage of 30% or so. I did some research and came across the hardware interrupt issue. I've also done a clean install and still had the high idle cpu usage. Anyway screenshot of my process manage and DPC latency is attached to this message. Does the windows performance kit work for windows 7? Because the one linked is for windows 8. I have tried to follow the tutorial but failing to make progress. Can someone help please?