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  1. Thanks for the reply. You're script worked! I just added it on to the end of the current script and worked perfectly! Thanks so much!
  2. I currently have a VBscript that scans a folder for files and moves the files to particular folders depending on key words in the file name. Currently the script only moves loose files and not folders. I need it to move (or copy then delete) both folders and files based on keywords in the file/folder name. Can someone give me a hand with this? Below is my script so far. '======================================================== ' Script to Move Downloaded TV Shows and Movies to ' correct folders based on wildcards in File Name '======================================================== On Error Resume Next Dim sTorrents, sTV, sMovie, sFile, oFSO ' create the filesystem object Set oFSO = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") ' Create Log File Set objLog = oFSO.OpenTextFile("c:\temp\log.txt", 8, True) ' Set Variables sTorrents = "D:\torrents\" sTV = "D:\Downloads\TV Shows\" sMovie = "D:\Downloads\Movies\" ' Scan each file in the folder For Each sFile In oFSO.GetFolder(sTorrents).Files ' check if the file name contains TV Show Parameters If InStr(1, sFile.Name, "hdtv", 1) OR InStr(1, sFile.Name, "s0", 1) <> 0 Then ' TV Show Detected - Move File objLog.WriteLine Now() & " - " & sFile.Name & " Detected as TV Show - Moving to " & sTV oFSO.MoveFile sTorrents & sFile.Name, sTV & sFile.Name ' Move all other Files to Movies Directory Else objLog.WriteLine Now() & " - " & sFile.Name & " Detected as Movie - Moving to " & sMovie oFSO.MoveFile sTorrents & sFile.Name, sMovie & sFile.Name End If Next If sTorrents.File.Count = 0 And sTorrents.SubFolders.Count = 0 Then objLog.WriteLine Now() & " - There is nothing left to Process..." objLog.Close End If As I mentioned it only picks up files only and not folders. I need it to do both if that's possible. So for example. I have a folder where utorrent dumps all the completed downloads (D:\torrents). I also have two directories that need to be used “D:\Downloads\TV Shows\” and “D:\Downloads\Movies\". Lets see if we can make the script search the torrents folder - if it finds any folders move them to the correct directory (by using the keywords “hdtv” or “s0”). If it finds any files do the same. Example: D:\Torrents has the following files - How.I.Met.Your.Mother.S08E01.x264.hdtv - This is a folder (Move to TV Shows) New.Girl.S02E01.x264.hdtv.mp4 - This is a TV Show (Move to TV Shows) Rock.of.Ages.720p.x264.RELEASE - This is a Folder (Move to Movies) Arbitrage.DVD-R.RELEASE.avi - This is a Movie (Move to Movies) I want the script to pick up files and entire folders (including and sub folders) and move the files and folders to the correct locations.