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  1. There are a lot of info here, and believe me, what I haven't read yet, I intend to read. but if you have noticed my first question , my hard drive is 7200.12 while all of these topics are entitled 7200.11.. therefore my main concern at this point is to figure out what tools suitable for my drive in case I'd have to buy them online, I'd need to order them as soon as possible because of the LONG shipping time.And believe me, I'm not setting around waiting.. I'm searching the web trying to find topics about the same drive, or 7200.12 drive.
  2. I believe most people initially think of it just like they do when dealing with PC's software problems .. What's the worst that could happen? system is down and can't be restored? Quick format and install a new copy, and you're back in business, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a minor headache hoping that the Aspirin works.. I wanted to ask (actually to make sure) that the tools used for the 7200.11 are the same for my Maxtor 7200.12.. some people use a Nokia Cable instead of the RS232 to TTL adapter. is this recommended?
  3. Thank you jaclaz.. I give them a good read.. I'm not going to rush this. I'm actually not keeping my hops up, but I'm not going down without a fight.. So are you saying that the best case scenario, you'd get a normal drive, but you can not count on it as it may fail any time? or that it's not going to act like a normal drive even in the best case?
  4. All these not-so smiley faces!!... something tells me be worried I'm not a %100 what BSY state is, but from what I read online just now, Yes.. But just to be sure regarding this, the PC doesn't recognize the drive at all, like it's not connected.. but when I first start the PC (the couple of seconds where the system detect memory and storage devices, before you can enter BIOS, or UEFI in my case) these couple of seconds take a bit more than usual. And yes, this is the utilities I used.. although they look nothing like the description on Seagate website By the way, I dont care for the data on the drive.. nothing important.. I just want to salvage a 1TB of storage.
  5. Hello all.. Hello jaclaz.. I had a topic regarding the same hard drive, but different issue a few days back, but my drive failed, and it took me a a few days to get a new one and find the website (I mean THIS website, not to make jaclaz upset) My previous topic was about the possibility of resting the reallocation SMART parameter.. but while researching the subject, I found that the drive's firmware update is "urgent" (i believe that is the word the Seagate website used to describe the update) and there goes my sad story.. I have a Maxtor DiamndMax23 (STM31000528AS) hard drive.. I wanted to update its firmware, I tried The Firmware Update Utility that runs within Windows, but when the the system rebooted (and got to the black screen), I had nothing like what the instructions said, but everything went fast, and I ended up with a column of letters between brackets, and it stayed like that for long time. So I restarted.. The hard drive had no problem, but the firmware was not updated. So I tried the Bootable CD for updating, again the software was different than the instructions, but the difference was mere.. I started the download of the firmware and I got a message saying "please wait while files being copied to memory" and a few seconds later another message underneath it saying "Model ***** SN ***** FW **** On generic PCI ATA Bus 0 Device 0" I'm not sure when exactly, but around these two messages (probably after the second one) I heard the drive powering off.. and nothing more.. everything stayed like this for a long time more than 30 minutes.. I thought that it's just like when I tried the windows update utility.. the software is just defected.. so I rested the computer, and I found the drive is not detected.. it powers on, but the PC can't recognize it. Okay.. Any ideas?.. the drive of course is out of warranty, and sending it to the nearest place that can repair it will cost almost like a new drive. I don't expect a full explanation or even something near that.. I just want to be put in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  6. thank you jaclaz for responding.. I meant of course the forum right here.. I believe this is the topic I didn't get into specifics about the hard drive cuz I found it irrelevant since I'm asking about a general piece of information the hard drive is an stm31000528as. I have a good idea about bad sectors.. and I'd accept that I have bad sectors on my disk no problem.. but as I mentioned, I'm almost %100 sure its an error because of the suspicious way they accrued, and the fact that I never had any problem with the drive before or since. about formatting the drive, bad sectors will be redetected if a full format is done.. but my question is, if you format the drive, will the old table (SMART bad sector table) be deleted and a new table will be written according to the new format?
  7. Hello all.. I have this hard drive (maxtor diamondmax)for more than 2 years, never had a problem.. a relative of mine was using my PC and installed some hard disk benchmark software (that he don't remember its name :angrym:) nd started it but something went wrong, and the PC crashed.. after restart, windows did a check disk and apparently found bad sector. my brilliant relieve did a system restore, so I can't tell what is the software he installed. Anyway.. Im using this drive for two years and it ran and still runs flawlessly.. but it bugs me that SMART register bad sectors. which I'm %99 sure they are false.. I was wondering if there is way to rest this SMART parameter and do a clean scan to find out if there are really bad sectors on the drive.. Will reformatting the drive and do a surface scan rest this SMART parameter and register the proper state of the drive? and if not, any other way? I found a complicated way on the site to reprogram the hard drive, but its too much hassle. would a simple format do the trick, or if SMART registered something, it cant be rest by a simple way? thank you in advance.