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  1. Making registry visible in Windows Explorer

    regxplor.dll - that's the fellow! Many thanks to you all
  2. Hi everyone, Bit of a long shot I know, but I'm hoping someone will remember (because Google doesn't!). There used to be a Windows utility (might have been a shell extension) that added the registry as an item to the Windows Explorer tree in much the same way that the Control Panel appears, ie at the end of the list of drives in the tree pane. This meant you could edit registry keys and entries as though they were folders and files (REG_SZ only I seem to remember). I've googled but no luck; anyone out there with an elephantine memory? Thank you.
  3. Minimal WAIK

    Oh, one more thing. I asked on the 7-zip forum if nested archive extraction could be added to the 7z.exe command line. It's something the developer has plans for, but of course, no time frame If anyone comes across a tool that does allow nested archive extraction from the command line, it would be good to know. My ideal solution would be a modified GWT. I haven't tried the XP tricks to get httpdisk working, but I will if time allows. Thank you jaclaz, JFX and Sp0iLedBrAt.
  4. Minimal WAIK

    The attached script should be named waik.deploy[create].bat but has been altered to allow uploading. I just don't seem to be able to get httpdisk running under w2k or XP, but it works like a charm under w7, so the script hasn't been tested in its entirety (the local_cp skip is a bit of a giveaway), the aspects of the script to do with downloading just the needed parts of WAIK are from notes I made during the httpdisk phase on my w7 tablet. I've also developed a script to build my XP32/64 USB bootdisk (actually an SDHC card in a USB adapter) from this minimal WAIK; if that is of interest I'll upload that too, but bear in mind that it contains tools specific to the way I the use the bootdisk (AWK, and WIL scripts, etc). waik.deploycreate.bat.txt
  5. Minimal WAIK

    OK, problem resolved, using win7, httpdisk seems to work fine - cannot tell whether it is the OS or the internet connection, but that's another task. It's very slow though. About 10KB/s over a 3G connection. P:\fp_utils\tw_remote\bin.httpdisk\httpdisk.exe /mount 0 http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/E/9/8E9BBC64-E6F8-457C-9B8D-F6C9A16E6D6A/KB3AIK_EN.iso /cd J: I'll work out how to use 7z from the cmdline to extract the necessary files and drop a script back here - no time frame
  6. Minimal WAIK

    Thank you for the hint about the EXACT cmdline, jaclaz. I needed /mount 1 not /mount 0. I'll wait until the WAIK download page has stabilised.
  7. Minimal WAIK

    I've tried GetWaikTools (GWT) and httpdisk but I'm having problems. I would like GWT to fetch the files specified in my original post. JFX - does this mean you would have to modify GWT to do this? I tried httpdisk on both w2k and xp32 but there's something about the syntax I'm not grasping I think. Does the mount directory need to exist first (a la imagex.exe)? If so, I get the error, "D:: The requested resource is in use." If the mountpoint is created (seems odd) then the error is "Q:: The system cannot find the path specified." If you're thinking, "Timotheus, you just don't get it, do you?" Well, you're absolutely right
  8. Minimal WAIK

    As WAIK is 1.7GB, I have created a minimal (115MB) x86 WAIK for those who want to download a functional x86 winPE on limited bandwidth. I've used this to create my own XP rescue stick to allow me to re-install both XP and XP64 in case of emergency. See waik.winpe_3.0.7z in Link Removed All the necessary files were extracted from KB3AIK_EN.iso, so this is WAIK 3.0 not 3.1 File list at the end of this post... There's also a minimal ximage archive for those that want to roll their own boot.wim (which was much easier than I had imagined). See wimmount.7z in Link Removed I'm bound to have forgotten to mention something, so just ask. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- copy the following files from the KB3AIK_EN.iso into a directory structure rooted at waik_3.0\ do this by opening up the iso in 7-zip and extracting the following files, manually renaming them as you go KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F1_BOOTMGR -> waik_3.0\bootmgr KB3AIK_EN.iso\WinPE.cab\F1_WINPE.WIM -> waik_3.0\sources\boot.wim KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_bcd -> waik_3.0\boot\bcd KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_bcd_efi -> waik_3.0\efi\microsoft\boot\bcd KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_boot.sdi -> waik_3.0\boot\boot.sdi KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_chs_boot.ttf -> waik_3.0\boot\fonts\chs_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_chs_boot.ttf_efi -> waik_3.0\efi\microsoft\boot\fonts\chs_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_cht_boot.ttf -> waik_3.0\boot\fonts\cht_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_cht_boot.ttf_efi -> waik_3.0\efi\microsoft\boot\fonts\cht_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_etfsboot.com -> waik_3.0\boot\etfsboot.com KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_jpn_boot.ttf -> waik_3.0\boot\fonts\jpn_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_jpn_boot.ttf_efi -> waik_3.0\efi\microsoft\boot\fonts\jpn_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_kor_boot.ttf -> waik_3.0\boot\fonts\kor_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_kor_boot.ttf_efi -> waik_3.0\efi\microsoft\boot\fonts\kor_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_wgl4_boot.ttf -> waik_3.0\boot\fonts\wgl4_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\wAIKX86.msi\x86AIK.cab\F_WINPE_X86_wgl4_boot.ttf_efi -> waik_3.0\efi\microsoft\boot\fonts\wgl4_boot.ttf KB3AIK_EN.iso\WinPE_LangPacks\x86\en-us\winpe-srt_en-us.cab\ <<<< yes, this is a line break here; intra-ISO path is very loooong! x86_microsoft-windows-b..d-bootfix.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_en-us_f5f9d5f8c8d6c6f6\bootfix.bin -> waik_3.0\boot\bootfix.bin used archive searcher to find bootfix.bin file, it wasn't obvious :/
  9. Hi everyone, I have developed a script to create a bootable USB-hosted SDHC to allow installation of both XP 32-bit and XP 64-bit on machines that I have at various locations (RMPartUSB and WinNTSetup2_x86 developers, thank you!). However, there was one thing that really caused a nuisance, and that was the final xcopy to the SDHC. I found that my usual xcopy /c /h /e /q /k /r /o /y didn't work, xcopy /h /e did. I hope this helps anyone else who gets stuck with xcopy switches.