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  1. happgilmore

    Win2003 Server Std - Recovery or rebuild

    Allen2 thanks for your comments. I foolishly thought that if I removed the database and used the right utility I could rebuild it. I have since found a active directory back up from a while ago, but didn't realize there are several other files that work in conjunction. Back when the Raid drive rebuilt, there was no option to reboot. As soon as the drive rebuilt, upon reboot I received the NTDetect failed message. There is a hardware issue on the server as well because (at least when in Windows) USB drive use locks up the server. So I didn't try to clone right away. From everything I can see the raid is intact - all drives are on line. But the OS has been giving me issues trying to get it to boot again. Do you think if I replace the ntds.bit and related logs and other files with it, that I can save it. Or just fresh install windows server (either option would be after cloning the drive).
  2. WINDOWS 2003 SERVER STANDARD error started last week as NVRAM / DRIVE configuration are inconsistent resolved when went into CTRL M Raid config - Add/View. drive 0.1 brought back online and consistency checked. all raid drives currently ONLINE. No other recent hardware errors identified when run 'quick' hardware testing. upon reboot received error NTDETECT FAILED. created new boot disk to boot to Windows Install for repair of Windows. Unable to perform. DID TTHE following: "2. Press ‘R’ when offered the option of using the Windows Recovery Console Recovery Console will prompt at the command prompt type the following: C:\WINDOWS >cd system32\ this changes the current directory to C:\Windows\System32 ren config configold This renames the config folder to configold mkdir config this makes a new directory called config cd config changes the current directory to c:\Windows\System32\Config then type the following lines pressing enter after each one copy c:\windows\repair\system copy c:\windows\repair\software copy c:\windows\repair\sam copy c:\windows\repair\security copy c:windows\repair\default" sucessfully booted to Windows install, recognize curr Windows install, and selected to REPAIR the install. Encountered error: LSASS.EXE Security accounts manager initialization failed b ecause the directory service cannot start. Use recovery console... Replaced LSASS.exe from dllcache. reboot error when attempting Directory Services recovery mode. ERROR: cannot run Windows Setup in Safe Mode. (also tried Last known good config - but to no avail) reboot to Recovery console. replace ntds.dit from install cd. Reboot. Windows setup is not continuing, message on the screen says WAITING FOR ACTIVE DIRECTORY TO START. and no drives moving, nor does it look like anything happening. also, on Dell PE 2850 server, the LCD panel has gone back to Amber today - had been blue for last 2 days (althought couldn;t boot) When i checked RAID / and other hardware tests, no errors found. Where do I go from here? How long should I expect Active Directory to start (rebuild?) do I just try to get what I can off the server (databases and such) and rebuild, or is this recoverable? Some files are recently backed up, but no programs. don't want to re-install, if I'm only feet(?) from the finish line.
  3. happgilmore

    Win 2003 w/ Raid driver Nlite

    Hi - I;m new here. I am attempting to create a Win 2003 CD w/ PERC 4e/di raid driver. I am using NLite per Dell tech. I believe I have added it to the ISO, but the Windows install (recovery) still doesn't see my drives. I must be missing something, but don't know what step. Please help. last ini file attached, but that was my 3rd attempt. All are met with error message stating cannot see any drives. Thanks Paul LAST SESSION (205809.22-11.28.23).INI