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  1. Seagate ST2000dl003

    Sorry for a typo , i meant to say "i am connecting hard drive without placing any card etc".
  2. Seagate ST2000dl003

    Yes , it respond to all commands perfectly. Do i need to short the pins? If i place card under pcb to block access to motor or head it will not respond, so i am connecting without placing any card .
  3. Seagate ST2000dl003

    I completed all the steps but drive is still in busy state, continuous spinning here is the log Rst 0x40M (P) SATA Reset ASCII Diag mode F3 T> Banshee Bogart, RAP17, add 6k SAP csys 4K QNC Product FamilyId: 4F, MemberId: 02 HDA SN: 5YD3CMXZ, RPM: 5939, Wedges: 1F8, Heads: 6, OrigHeads: 6, Lbas: 00001D326C41, PreampType: A8 15 PCBA SN: 0000K1364D7E, Controller: BANSHEEST_2_0(8000)(4-00-0-0), Channel: Unknown, PowerAsic: MCKINLEY DESKTOP LITE Rev 91, BufferBytes: 4000000 Package Version: BGC15D.CCD9.AAB600.CC98 , Package P/N: 100655416, Package Global ID: 00188399, Package Build Date: 01/05/2011, Package Build Time: 13:03:40, Package CFW Version: BGC1.CCD9.00310163.00188399, Package SFW1 Version: D556, Package SFW2 Version: ----, Package SFW3 Version: ----, Package SFW4 Version: ---- Controller FW Rev: 01051303, CustomerRel: CC98, Changelist: 00310163, ProdType: BGC1.CCD9, Date: 01/05/2011, Time: 130340, UserId: 00188399 Servo FW Rev: D556 RAP FW Implementation Key: 11, Format Rev: 0302, Contents Rev: BB 03 09 00 Features: - Quadradic Equation AFH enabled - VBAR with adjustable zone boundaries enabled - Volume Based Sparing enabled - IOEDC enabled - IOECC enabled - DERP Read Retries enabled - LTTC-UDR2 compiled off
  4. Seagate ST2000dl003

    I have ST2000DL003 with firmware CC98. When i connect to PC it takes a while show it self for few second , after few second it will make itself inaccessible. i connected to serial console to get rid of bsy error because it spins continuously . When i place card on motor or head terminal it will not respond but if i connect to serial console without placing car it show following Rst 0x40M (P) SATA Reset and shows FT> prompt when i press ctrl+z Can someone please help me what to do from this point onward?