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  1. thanks i'll try it..... you hear from me.... greetZ WiZKoK
  2. Oke i've tryed to use sleep and autoit... but without success first of all sleep doesn't work or i use it the wrong way.. i downloaded sleep and put it in my system32 folder.... i ran my setup.cmd with sleep ..... my whole script doesn't work it's giving the same problem the notepad window.... this is my script... ECHO. ECHO bezig met het installeren van Cacheman 5.50 ECHO even geduld a.u.b. Start /wait %systemdrive%\install\cacheman\cachm550.exe /S taskkill /IM readme.txt /F taskkill /IM cacheman.exe /F ECHO Installatie Compleet! the first taskkill doesn't work the second does.... if i try to turn them around then the first and the second don't work so it's the problem with the readme.txt...... it won't close second of all i don't have a clue how to work with autoit..... i don't get it..... sorry GreetZ WiZKoK
  3. HI there, Is somebody working on a unattended install of the microsoft windows Small business Server 2003? We want to try, but all help is welcome.... GreetZ WiZKoK
  4. HI there, I'm new here, and i have a problem when i want to make an unattended install of windowsXP, the windows part runns okey. but then I want to install 2 programms which give annoying pop-ups. the two programms are: Regcleaner does somebody know the switches for a silent install? none given in help and trough google Cacheman 5.50 installs silently with /s, but gives annoying notepad pop-up which i can't kill with the command taskkill.... PLEASE HELP ME!!! GreetZ WiZKoK

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