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  1. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    As I was getting nowhere with the boot from USB method I decided to go back to trying to install from nLite OS CD To recap, with the Startech PCIe IDE/Sata controller attached, I connected my SATA3 HDD to a SATA2 blue port, set the SATA mode to IDE in BIOS and then tried to install XP using the CD created with nLite (the CD contained XP (SP3) + mobo ACHI/Intel drivers) XP DID install BUT I could not install ANY drivers from the Asrock support CD. As I stated previously, the PC completely froze and when I pressed the restart button, instead of booting into windows, I saw an MS-DOS error screen with the message "cannot find the file 'system32\DRIVERS\pci.sys " - pls see screen shot attached. According to Asrock : I FOUND THAT NONE OF THE ADVICE FROM ASROCK WORKED- WHICH WAS A INDEED A SURPRISE In the end I decided to try the only permutation that was left i.e. : 1. the SATA3 HDD was attached to the SATA3 white port with the black cable 2. all SATA ports were set to ACHI in BIOS 3. booted from the nLite XP + drivers CD and installed the OS + drivers 4. rebooted 5. ran Startech CD - installed driver- rebooted 6. ran Asrock CD and installed ALL drivers without any issues. Hey PRESTO EVERYTHING IS UP AND RUNNING !!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR INPUTS WHICH WERE ALL APPRECIATED.
  2. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    I am confused by this? According to tutorial #30 and unless I am mistaken the title states: There is no reference to using a F6 floppy with the drivers. As for your test, I did the following but when I tried to boot from the USB drive (F11 boot sequence), nothing happened and the system booted from the HDD. Type: root [ENTER] you should get (hd0). Type: [ENTER] you should see listed of the files on the stick: ntldr, boot.ini, grldr. If everything is like described, reboot normally, delete the files from the USB stick, and run again WinSetupFromUSB (the stick is already OK and you need not to re-format it or use again RMPREPUSB). = as above - nothing happened. I did a screen shot of the contents of the USB drive to show you, but for some reason, the forum will not allow me to do so (the file is a 132kb jpg) . The attachement bit also states My head is spinning
  3. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    Why are you shouting? If you had read my previous posts you would have established that I integrated the following drivers with XP (SP3) 1. D:\drivers\serial ATA for floppy disk\ Intel\\i386 for blue sata ports (Asrock support CD) 2. D:\drivers\serial ATA for floppy Disk\ ASmedia\\x86 for white sata ports (Asrock support CD) 3. D:\Floppy32 (Startech PCIe support CD) These were the only drivers that Asrock and Startech had advised that I needed for the nLite integration.
  4. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    I cant do this without having access to an ODD. However as I stated previously, I do NOT have a SATA ODD. My original intention was to try and salvage as many of my old IDE components which included an IDE ODD's which is currently attached to the PCIe card which is attached to the Mobo. I think people are getting confused by my original plan. It is according to the following advice I got from Asrock - After reading all the posts, it is becoming blindingly obvious that I will probably need to get a SATA ODD. As above, even if I manage to do this, in order to install the PCIe card and other drivers on the Asrock support disk, I would need a SATA ODD.
  5. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    Further to my most recent post where the IDE mode has been selected in BIOS for the SATA ports; I used nLite to create an XP SP3 bootable disk which included the drivers for the sata ports and the driver for the PCIe card. Installation of XP appeared to go OK. 1. However when I went back into BIOS and changed the mode from IDE to AHCI for the SATA ports and then rebooted, the PC appeared to be booting up, and I actually saw the Windows XP welcome screen, but then the system suddenly restarted. This keeps repeating itself until I switch the mode back to IDE in BIOS. 2. When I inserted the Asrock support disk into my IDE ODD (attached to the PCIe card) and tried to install the INF drivers, the process began successfully but then suddenly the system COMPLETELY froze during installation. Please see attached screen shot. When I rebooted, the system would NOT boot up and I saw an MS-DOS screen with an error message - see attached screen shot. 3. I was able to load the Startech PCIe support CD into the IDE ODD and install the drivers. I had to reboot to finish the install. Reboot was OK but I couldn't get into the card BIOS by pressing CTRL + J as advised by their manual. I thought that by integrating the sata drivers with the XP install disk I was able to switch the mode from IDE to AHCI but it would appear that something isn't right about the installation. I suspect that it is the PCIe card that is the cause of the problem installing XP in AHCI mode. I also suspect that I will probably have to purchase a SATA ODD. As far the install by USB , please advise if this will allow me to use the PCIe card with the IDE ODD? If not then (IMHO)there is no point going down this route methinks. Any further guidance would be appreciated.
  6. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    Well i tried this approach but when I tried to install, I got the message ' error 17: cannot mount selected partition'. I even got the same message when I did an F11 (emulation). See attached screen shots More on this later. Previous to this I created an nlite install disk containing XP sp2 plus the driver for the PCIe card (which the DVD-ROM is running from) from the support disc , plus the intel and asmedia drivers from the Asrock support CD. In bios I selected the SATA ports to IDE mode. I couldnt change the mode for the PCIe card from ACHI. I then booted from the nlite install disc. Hey ho I didnt get a BSOD stop error and the installation proceeded as normal where I had to format the drive . However when the setup finished copying files and rebooted with the nlite disk still in the DVD -rom, the Windows installation process began but shortly thereafter an error message pooped up stating that ' The file 'asms' on windows XP Home edition SP2 is needed'. I pointed to the nlite install disk but got the same message. I therefore inserted the proper XP CD and the installation gave the appearance of proceeding but there was no progress bar at the bottom of the screen. I restarted and got an msdos screen stating new hardware profile detected - proceed with installation - clicked yes . This time the windows installation went to completion and rebooted from the HDD (attached to the blue SATA2 port) . HOWEVER, when I inserted the Asrock support disk, the system at firts could not see it and when it did see it and asked to install all drivers, the system froze. I tried an number of times and reboots but one or the other problems occurred and eventually the system failed to boot up showing the error message cannot find driver.system.pci -. A couple of questions at this point: 1. when I choose the driver for the PCIe card to integrate into the XP install disc, i was advised by Startech that the driver was in the '\Floppy32' folder on their support disk. I found the .inf druiver but when it was placed into nlite, it appeared in PNP mode. There was no other driver on the support disk that was relevant to my system and was in textmode. With regard to the ACHI drivers, I added 2 from the Asrock support disk - see attachment. 2. when i went in to BIOS and changed the SATA mode from IDE to ACHI and then rebooted, the system would not boot up - it get looping between trying to boot and seeing the BIOS welcome screen. 3. I noticed from FERNANDO 1 post that one MUST integrate SP3 if installing on a series 6 Intel chipset - which is what I believe I have - Before writing this post I have prepared an nlite install disk with XP SP3 integrated which I will test after posting. Regarding the install from a USB, after trying method 1 in tutorial #30 http://rmprepusb.tk/, I also tried to try method 2 using WinSetupFromUSB. I download and ran the beta 8 app from http://code.google.com/p/winsetupfromusb/downloads/list but not sure if I understood the instructions. Tutorial #30 states: When I click on the RMPrepUSB button nothing happens. I therefore opened the RMPrepUSB app and selected the USB drive (4gb in this case), MAX, WinPE v2, FAT32(ticked 2PTNS box), UNCHECKED Copy OS Files box and set the path to C:\XPINST and the clicked prepare drive. I then clicked install Grub4dos. I then went over to the WinSetupFromUSB application, selected the USB drive and clicked GO. The error message I got was cannot find MBR. I have attached a screen shot of the files in the folder for the USB installation - please confirm if these are correct. However, how will using the USB install method help with installing the driver for the PCIe card which is attached to the IDE ODD and which will have to be used to install ALL the drivers from the Asrock support disk? I suppose if these methods dont work by the fact that I am trying to boot via a PCIe card in ACHI mode, I will have to purchase a SATA ODD. Anyway, for Jaclaz, I did get my hands dirty.
  7. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    will this cause an issue with the installation?
  8. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    looks fairly straight forward . HOWEVER, section 4 fails to explain that in folder options, you need to uncheck the ' hide extension for known file types' otherwise the menu.st file will always be menu.lst.txt Also the when I download the 'winvblock.ima.gz', the tutorial states that one should NOT unzip it - but the file doesn't look like a zip folder/file. It looks like a unrecognised file format file. Is this normal? screen shot_XPINST folder.doc
  9. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    So you want to get XP installed onto the SATA3 HDD, but to boot off the PCI Card? Please explain the reason for choosing the most difficult of all options. Please read my original post where I explain the - now flawed - reasoning behind the use of the PCIe card. I didnt know or realise the issues that I would encounter. I will probably have to live with the fact that I may not have researched the subject matter thoroughly enough but sometimes if you dont know the question then how can you ask it. The PC suppliers I spoke with never warned me about the AHCI mode and XP installation on a SATA only mobo. I will have to put this down to experience.
  10. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    Thanks for this advice - however I think that you have forgotten the fact that I am trying to boot from the IDE ODD drive which is connected to the PCIe IDE/Sata controller card which is locked in AHCI mode and is causing the BSOD stop error. Please advise further Below is the message from Startech the makers of the PCIe IDE controller card I will be trying as many if the solutions proposed in this post at the weekend when I have more time. I will report back on Monday. Surfing69
  11. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    I think that I must lie at the extreme LHS of the distribution curve for your definition of 'average joe' in this context. I am a chemist by trade and I have to wonder where you would sit on the 'Average joe' curve if I questioned the extent of your knowledge of my idea of colloquial chemistry . I am never afraid to 'dirty my hands' provided that on balance i have a reasonable idea of what I am supposed to be doing - otherwise it would be a complete waste of my time and resources which would be better spent paying a 'pc tech'. I really get quite frustrated with people giving, in my opinion, 'advanced' advice and then feeling a bit miffed if I cannot understand it. I point you to the maxim 'its always easy when you know how' Surfing69
  12. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    Use a USB floppy drive, if you can get a old one for free. Do not buy a new one. what about this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320955739340#ht_1466wt_1059 ? i have 2 x sony optiarcs - firmware fully updated.[ i have 2 old IDE HDD's as backup and 1x old SATA 1 which has my current XP installed on it - i purchased a WD SATA3 HDD to install XP onto with the new mobo. Buy a SATA ODD. guess i will have to dig deep to find the pennies
  13. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    thank you for your advice and your time which is appreciated - however having looked at the various links, i think that it would be easier for me to teach myself mandarin! :-) This is way over my head and as I explained to cdob if help is given I will need someone to hold my hand and walk me thru the process in simple, digestible steps.
  14. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    Are you referring to a new SATA ODD or HDD? wow - this is beyond and above my head ! :-) Again - this is a bit beyond my expertise - Asrock's latest email states "The driver for blue ports is in below folder: "D:\Drivers\Serial ATA For Floppy Disk\Intel\\" And the driver for white ports is in "D:\Drivers\Serial ATA For Floppy Disk\ASMedia\\" Please choose textmode." This would mean purchasing a new SATA ODD instead of using my old IDE ODD which would have been connected to the Sata/ide PCIe card????? Would you recommend going down the route of buying a new SATA ODD rather than buying an off the shelf USB floppy drive ? I hoped to complete the OS install without buying another ODD - I already have 2 perfectly good IDE ODD's which I hoped would do the job for me via the PCIe card. Again, the purchase of the card resulted from recommendations from PC supply shops. I did tell them what I was trying to do - did they offer me bad advice? As for the advice from Jaclaz - this is way above my head. As I stated in my previous message, I require someione to hold my hand and guide me through the process with clear and SIMPLE instructions.
  15. XP CD with integrated SATA drivers FAILS to install

    thank you for your contributions. However I am a bit of an nLite novice and will probably need a simple step by step approach. Should I integrate the drivers for the PCIe card first and then the SATA drivers before burning the CD? And can I use a RW CD? I have already wasted about 5 CD's in my failed attempts to load XP. The mobo is an Asrock H61DE/S3 . I am very unhappy with Asrock for advertising the mobo as being suitable for XP but not providing the means i.e. floppy disk controller to be be able to install it. The manual for the mobo states "" Please use USB floppy or floppy disk". However despite requesting from Asrock what 'USB Floppy' in this phrase actually means, i.e. is it an external USB floppy disk drive or a USB pen drive? - they have failed to respond. I really dont understand how this mobo is being sold as XP compatible when it doesnt have the means to install this OS on a SATA HDD. With regards to using a SATA ODD I was hoping that it would have the option to toggle between AHCI and IDE in BIOS. I dont currently have an IDE option for the PCIe card - it is locked in AHCI mode. I dont have a SATA ODD so I dont know if this will work. And even if I were to install XP using a SATA ODD in IDE mode, I will then, according to Asrock, have to fiddle again to change to mode from IDE to AHCI. Unbelievable. I am struggling and feel a bit out of my depth.