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  1. Also if possible I would personally setup a virtual DC on your PC using NAT and a client ot test everything before pushing it out to the network. some of the GPOs can get unruly even with good test enviro. It is always best to test them out and watch the rsop.msc / gpresult to see if anything is conflicting or just not working for whatever reason. This is starting to sound like a diatribe but I want to make sure I steer you in the right direction and not to make some of the same mistakes a lot of us have with GPOs. Get Group Policy Manager Console (GPMC) for your domain control if your on 2003 if your on 2008 I believe it already comes installed by default. Also do not ever change the default domain GPO or the domain GPO. This is just a rule of thumb as they are basically templates for the DC. I personally make separate GPOs for different things such as servers, client PCs, Users, and other various things, keeping in mind that to many GPOs can clog up the users log on time. This is true for either large GPOs or to many while logging in. You can always alleviate this by writing scripts that run from a GPO after login, but all in all you don't want to affect the user experience to much or you will start getting calls like crazy. Good luck with the GPO implementing.
  2. Update* Figured it out, used a program called DriverExtractor : http://www.grandutils.com/DriverExtractor/download.htm Worked like a champ.
  3. Another thought would be to find software that would search out the drivers after install or watch he install and where it puts the drivers and what they are. If any one has a package that they know that would work also I don't mind doing the leg work to retrieve the driver out of windows. I did check in Device manager and the drivers it lists are not exactly what I need for a starting point.
  4. I have a HP Elitebook 8560P. In this laptop it has a validity sensor aka fingerprint scanner. the problem I am having is that I cannot get the drivers out of the exe file. I have tried 7-zip / Winrar/ and even installing and monitoring the %temp% folder to grab them but they just wont reveal themselves. When extracting the files come out as random numbers, and when watching the temp folder the folder appears really fast and disappears. I was going to make the temp folder write only but of course Windows 7 wont let me do that to the System account so I am really at my whits end. Anyone run into anything like this before? I was thinking maybe breaking down the exe with universal extractor but it just errors out on every option. I know I dont need it but i like the option of using my finger for a password rather than typing and wanted to slip stream this driver install. Here is the link to the HP site and driver I am talking about: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=321957&prodSeriesId=5056949&prodNameId=5056950&swEnvOID=4059&swLang=13&mode=2&taskId=135&swItem=ob-98997-1
  5. i surely hope someone has called you the man / Woman lately, because you rock. that cleared everything right up.
  6. Update #2 I checked and there isn't a way to use the OnePiece updates as a service pack, so I am basically in the same spot. After A little tweaking I was able to make everything install but it is no longer a fully automated install due to it asking to download .Net 2.0 for the software in the background. The software still installs though. I just have to walk it through until i find another way to get .net in there before the ProgramAddons hit.
  7. Quick background note on One Piece update pack, I may have included that as a hotfix / Update when adding it, could this be my issue? I was thinking maybe I need to add it as a servicepack?
  8. Hello all I am having an issue with my unattended install. Everything was working great right up to the point I tried adding some software that requires .NET 2.0. Now I have OnePiece's update pack slipstreamed into the disc and all that seems to work without a hitch. Most of the programs I have integrated work just fine but anything requiring .Net 2.0 just wont install due to it asking to download .NET 2.0 right in the middle of the Windows XP installation. I was thinking of getting a .NET 2.0 ProgramAddon or even making one myself since I have made a few so far and they are not hard to make but I was reading that 2.0 wont install while XP is in setup mode. So this is where I am and a push in the right direction would help a lot. I have searched on here for the answer and cant seem to find it, but I know its here somewhere I am just not searching for the right combo of words to see it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Just a quick hello and thank you for everyone here who contribs. You have saved me tons of work and time, and for than I am grateful.
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