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  1. Yeah, I saw that the big spike wasn't there now, weird. Makes me wonder if my system is unstable is some way? What can I do about the registry issues? (ntkrnlmp.exe) I'll check through startup tools in Autoruns, you've got any idea which ones is worth keeping except Avast AV? But now I'm more concerned if there's anything wrong with my system. Is it enough just to unplug the webcam to make Windows Image Acquisition service work ok? Or should I put the service on delayed start?
  2. I tried the commands but I got a blue screen, said something about USB drivers. After restarting the laptop it booted up with latest working config. Tried it again without DRIVERS in the command. Sent you a PM with the link to the new boot trace.
  3. I've sent a PM with a link to you. I have been checking the etl but I cant figure out why it is taking so long to boot. Also I couldnt put DRIVERS in the command because I got blue screen... Thanks for looking into it!
  4. Hi MagicAndre! Thanks for this tutorial! I've got an ASUS X53SV that takes about 2 min to boot. I've been checking Event Handler and boot logs but I cant figure it out. Now I have tried to do a boot trace and I cant make out what take so long time booting. I wonder if you could take a look at it? The laptop got Intel Core i5 2410M, Geforce GT 540M graphics card, 6 GB RAM. Best regards