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  1. I post because I´ve found this recent page (posted ending July-2012) http://blog.pcbfordatarecovery.com/?p=8 where the tech guy there talks of the issue relative to the ST2000DL003 being inaccessible to hyperterminal commands (perhaps he had to have shorted the pins and didn´t??), although there´s a dim scope for hope for he makes a final statement in the sense that SEAGATE Manufacture Engineers would "reveal" a solution at the end of August 2012. Let´s pray for September now, and don´t give up, sooner than later the clouds will go. Good day 2 ye all
  2. Thank you for your quick answer, jaclaz. I had already googled thru a lot of those posts and they will surely (and hopefully) help many as to make them try out a solution. As for me, I am very clumsy at electrical/electronic handling, but if someone succeeds and post the concrete solution for the case of the Model we´re talking about (ST2000DL003 Barracuda LP Green 2000 GB P/N 9VT166-301 F/W CC32 and PCB 100617465 "REV B") I´d blindly go and buy the stuff and try to connect and type everything right, but I´m not so confident/daring as to attempting by myself and fail to enter the correct hypeterminal commands and spoil it all. Sorry for my English but I´m Spanish where our educ system teachs u English for a lifetime and one ends up stammering out some scarcely intelligible words in the best case (so bad! ); well, stopping the blathering, I also posted in the SEAGATE thread for this subject 2 days ago and today after 267 posts one of the Moderators prompts us to contact technical support. I appreciate it but I fear the response will be to make use of the guarantee (which still covers me, just like the most of us with this problem, for I bought this HDD in April 2012, so everyone can change the HDD for a new one, but what about the data?). Well, thank for your attention, and please don´t let this post down (nor the SEAGATE one if you SEAGATE people are reading this). Have a good day
  3. I have the same problem with a SEAGATE Barracuda LP Green 2000GB with the next specs: Model: ST2000DL003 P/N (Part Number): 9VT166-301 F/W (Firmware): CC32 Date: 12286 Site: WU DOM (Date of manufacture): 01/2012 PCB (Printed Circuit Board): 100617465 REV B XP SP3 has been working in it perfectly for 3 months since I bought it and then it went off and appeared when starting again "Disk boot failure: insert system disk..." message. Whilst sound of spinning is OK (it seems even like engaging the platters correctly) it is not detected in BIOS nor in Disk Management, connected to an external USB case or elsewhere. Changing PCB with another exactly the same is useless, so I´d like to do the hyperterminal stuff if possible to recover the disk and the valuable data it contains. I have read that in 7200.11 models there is a standard procedure which implies short circuiting some pins and entering commands in hyperterminal from another computer an a serial-ttl device which works with 3,3 V tensions, but for other mothels (like 7200.12 1,5 TB I think) there is no need to short anything but only to enter (other) certain commands. For this Model ST2000DL003 2 TB I have read the briefly explained process with hyperterminal commands posted by jaclaz and apparently working (although with slow data access) for Seuss1. I´d like to know from these or others if the method really works, and a more step by step description of it with pics of the full process. If there is no solution by now, I´d like to know too, for viniikala in the first message says the hyperterminal can´t access this specific model of hard disk, and that the communication through TX/RX lines must be done with 5 V instead of 3,3 V (with a usb-ttl instead of a serial-ttl I guess). Please someone who´s been successful answer with the solution, a lot of us in the ditch now will be so thankful, and for all of you who´re reading this because you´ve happened to be in my case, I can only say: don´t throw away the disk and have faith, and above all: Have a good day.