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  1. nLite for audio video only has lsass.exe error

    point taken...I will try again later tonight, being careful to not exclude anything that may p*ss Bill G off. Will let you all know how I go, just for future reference if any one else encounters similar. Cheers
  2. nLite for audio video only has lsass.exe error

    ....from what I have read over the past week, it is my understanding that Creative Labs issued a token "driver" that provided limited functionality (and is still in "beta" after several years of being released) for Linux users, enabling ALSA and the like to have at least sound coming from the XiFi card. Reading the link you provide, confirms this. I will see for myself with an Ubuntu distro I have and post results after performing speaker tests. I don't need the apps to go with the card (they won't work under Linux anyway), just the drivers that will enable virtual cabling and 5.1 sound...cheers and thanks mate.
  3. nLite for audio video only has lsass.exe error

    thanks for the reply. Yes, IEC and OOBE were selected for removal. They are components I don't need but as you singled them out, I can now see that XP needs those two components I suspect to communicate to Bill G.. I may be better off using nLite to basic tweaking and then butchering the system once installed and activated. I do not have a VLK, which is perhaps the issue, so I will run nLite again with OOBE and IEC not removed and see how I go. I will allow for the associated dependancies in one trial and deny dependancies in another and see how I go. Thanks for narrowing the issue down for me. BTW, as you pointed out, I also have "Windows Media Player 6.4" removed, as I will be using VLC as the engine to run video and have my own apps for audio that are also not dependant on MP to run audio correctly. Cheers and thanks.
  4. I removed a few components related to Internet Explorer, Media Player (and their dependancies) from within the Task Selection tab and then created a bootable ISO. I wish to use my PC as an audio/dvd tool and have no need for internet, networking, Media Player, printing etc. My Creative Labs XiFi card restricts me to Microblowz OS. I would love to use Linux but can't, due to limited functionality with this sound card and a Linux distro. I encounter an error during the installation process. I am installing WinXP pro with integrated SP3. My MOBO (P5G41T-M LX) has ICH7 (no additional letter assigned as in ICH7R etc) and G41 chipset and I understand I do not need to add additional textmode drivers for S-ATA as I am running IDE hard drives and don't have SATA capability with this MOBO. The error comes after the first standard reboot Windows actions after a prelim install of copying files etc. The error reads, "lsass.exe -system error - a write operation...volume was mounted" and enters a reboot loop upon reaching the same error. The attachment labelled "SECOND_SESSION.INI" contains the details of what I removed to get this error. In troubleshooting, I have produced an error free install with removing only a few trivial Components, such as Calculator etc. I have attached the details in the file labelled, "LAST_SESSION.INI" Searching here and on the WWW for the last few days and haven't found anything specific to my problem and OS install disk. After many CD coffee coasters, I think I have come close to resolving issue as to what to keep and what to remove. Without sounding like a pornstar, how can I overcome this current mounting problem and what should I be keeping from the SECOND_SESSION.INI to prevent this lsass.exe error and for a better understanding what causes it? ...cheers and thanks SECOND_SESSION.INI LAST SESSION.INI