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  1. up to now no reply. HOW SAD!
  2. hey can you read comment #12 ? and then i think, you'll not reply this you replyed.
  3. Not worked thats why i repeated.
  4. Eventually, my topic description was exact many will cover this as illegal CONGRATULATION!
  5. I don't say so. YOU ARE SO! it'd be "than" not "then" Let me assume; astronomy regarding you. You're "zero" in customization. but in that you got a rank at "Developer" ; you always try to conceal your line ( i don't know) using some diplomatic and garbage talk, in order you could one up on them. CERTAINLY I KNOW THAT YOU DON'T KNOW MY QUERY RESPOND!! PLEASE PICK UP YOUR GARBAGE CAN AND GO HOME, MOREOVER PLEASE DON'T FAN OUT ELSEWHERE.
  6. And still you neither clarify what you meant by "not worked!", nor did you respond to any of the previous answers given since your post #34, nor did you further explain either your problems or what you have tried yourself. In short, you did not respond to anything that I said. On top of that, your last post makes no sense in the English language. Like submix8c, I'm done. Have a nice day. Simply you should comprehend, it'd be a typo. Nevermind again i state what i want: 1) script to enable wmp 11 toolbar. 2) i've been using "Xp Home Edition" since 2004 , now i've been kinda fatigued with "Home Edition" text, hence now i'm desiring to change this "Home Edition" text to my one. WHAT I DONE: modified approaching whole "dll" and "exe" (supported by "Resourse Hacker) even "inf" and "ini" but it won't change the text "Home Edition" on 3rd party or digitally signed program's info bar of OS. i followed all the way here explained but no one seems worked! SO now, will you explain a process which could change my this "Home Edition" text at "Help and Support" menu? along with will you explain how could i change "Home Edition" text into 3rd party program's info bar of OS and to change OS text into "System Information" menu?
  7. REPLY FOR jaclaz QUOTES 1St QUOTE BY jaclaz: MVP= Microsoft Valued Professional MVP<>Microsoft Vandalism Provider REPLY BY BLASH: I assert, Don't reply whether you don't know; MVP: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Most_Valuable_Professional 2ND QUOTE BY jaclaz: along the lines of what MS suggests, publishes and advices. REPLY BY BLASH: might be a fraction but not everyone (it all depends on their passion about the work) 3rd QUOTE BY jaclaz: signed doesn't have a provision obliging them to help any illiterate, bad mannered, impudent kid around with making senseless modification to his/her OS as you seem to assume. REPLY BY BLASH: WOOOTT! What did it mean? i think, you have contended with your child (which the occation, you're wanting to take off all the vengeance here) Are you jaclaz? OR, any bumpkin individual hacker has hacked this account? AGAIN I MAINTAIN, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE HERE!
  8. Not really! Indeed, you're getting me wrong, i did not mean that you said. Read: "Reply #34" Please! Also my last line: No one have answer despite many of mvp's are connected with this forum? NO ONE HERE THINKS, I'LL KNOW NEW THING TODAY!
  9. Nope! not actually. while i was singing up, i thought here i will have all the solution. But really no one know? Don't mind, AFTERWARDS YOU ARE SAYING YOURSELF "SENIOR MEMBER" , "DEVELOPERS" , "PATRONS" and whatsoever like blah !! eventually thus? What a great thing! When i asked i got some reply in registry, uh why i can't find registry myself since registry has option of search. No one have answer despite many of mvp's are connected with this forum? NO ONE HERE THINKS, I'LL KNOW NEW THING TODAY!
  10. Bluetooth issue solved. And now, will any try to help my remained issue? 1) change os name under "help and support" and under 3rd party program's info bar of OS, I mean, lately i have installed "imgburn" program, when did launched "imgburn" i saw, it is showing me a log window below the app. In which it shows "Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" how can i change this. (HEY DON'T KNOW ANY ONE, EVEN ON THIS BIG REALM {HOW SHAME} ) 2) Command/script/registry to enable wmp 11 toolbar 3) a program which can state which file is chained while i launch any program.
  11. I said that a LOOOONG time ago...It's in the SP3.CAB (uncompressed). I'm really unsure of why it would be in both places. The Source I checked is an MSDN XP-SP3 and the "culprit" for the "overlay" is DRVINDEX.INF. It's the exact same file bit-for-bit (including the date/time). Dump the CAB to someplace, replace also that one (uncompressed) are recreate the CAB. Info on how to use MAKECAB is all over the place on MSFN and Microsoft/Technet. Search instead of asking someone to for the footwork for you. You COULD have used XP's "search" on your Source and found that out yourself. Instead, I DID IT FOR YOU (by opening the CABS, btw)! Happy now? PLEASE, Sir BLASH, quit being so lazy! Thanks i already founded. It is exist on "DRIVER.CAB" I uncompressed all "DRIVER.CAB" file to a single folder. but in the real fact i don't know, how to compress whole file into .cab , HOW I DO?
  12. I did gone there but could not found "Home Edition" written any where. PLEASE CLEAR THIS.
  13. Not clear somewhat! How to use?
  14. at least reply someone (1) and (3) solution!