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  1. Can you point me in the right direction to a resource where I could study up on this? I don't work in a position where I write enough code to be proficient anymore so I've lost the edge.
  2. Was given a challenge by a friend at a company I used to work at. They are attempting to automate an installation across their network, which involves copying a networked .dll file to the various folders after installation. They are trying to work on a script (I believe they are trying to use a batch script now) to copy that file from the server (or a USB if it came to it) to the various folders with a single command that could be executed on reboot after installation. Here's a snippet of their current idea: It continues with all the different folder locations within in the installation on the C: for Program Files and Program Files (x86). Is there a better way of doing this without having to specifically map the server path, should they decide to have the tech do it from a flash drive while on location installing the software? Often times, each computer is slightly different in regards to what users have what paths mapped already, so there is not going to be a consistent drive mapped computer to computer. While I'm still interested in helping him find a solution to their problem, I'm throwing in the towl and asking for reinforcements. Any help would be greatly appreciated.