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  1. I don't, they must have popped in with Visual Studio, or something else. How many Logitech tools do I have at startup? I thought I only had one (setpoint). I thought I disabled like my webcam, and what not. I'll disable the entry in MSCONFIG for Logitech anyways. What other applications are starting up? I try to keep stuff clean in MSCONFIG and services. I'm new to working in the services section so I'm sure there must be stuff I'm missing. But in MSCONFIG I only have: MSE Realtek HD Audio Manger HD Audio Background Process Microsoft Windows Operating System JMB36X IDE Setup USB 3.0 Monitor Dropbox I feel like one of those audio items can be disabled, but I'm not sure which one. The Windows OS one is for gadgets, JMB I'm pretty sure is for my external esata drive, and I think I need the USB3 for my USB3 ports to work. Dropbox I guess could be disabled, and I could just start it up manually, but I like the convenience of it starting on its own. Since I use it a lot. But, I'll disable some of the above, and see what happens. Are there any other stuff starting up that I did not mention above? Thanks for the boot trace decrypt https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14475416/boottrace2.rar There is a more updated boot trace. After turning some stuff off, and some more.
  2. I gave this a try on Sunday, and got positive results. Went from 2:30 boot times to about 1min, but unfortunately it seems to be back to those over 2 min boots. I've been trying for a while to lower my boot times, and this seems to give the best results. In the past I have tried disconnecting all my USB (excluding my wifi adapter and keyboard adapter), and my second HDD, and my esata external drive. Which didn't do anything to decrease the times. Here is my boot trace: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14475416/boottrace.rar Hopefully, someone can pinpoint the culprit, and I can get these boot times to an appropriate level. Thanks.