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  1. Andre. You are a star, and many thanks for pointing the location of the drive in the log. I've been having a good look at the ETL file, along with posts and replies in this useful thread. It is making sense now thanks to your informative posts. Cheers. Simon.
  2. Just thought I'd reply to say I've resolved the issue. It was actually a mapped drive connection to a NAS drive that had locked up and required rebooting. Once the NAS drive was reset, Windows starts up without delay now. Many thanks for your time though, and although I found this issue without actually trying to decipher the ETL log, I'm still curious if anything in there would of helped track that issue down.
  3. Many thanks for the prompt response. ETL file uploaded and link sent via PM. Cheers.
  4. Andre (The Great) . I've been experiencing really long start delays for the last couple of days and hope you can help. I've pm'ed you the link to the xml export. Unfortunately not able to include a drivers report as this was causing me a boot BSOD loop. My main boot drive is a Crucial SSD that benchmarks at around 390 megabytes per second read vta SATA 6 gig. I'm running Windows 7 64 Home Premium which used to boot up in around 30 seconds. Anyway, hope you are able to help. Many thanks for your help via this forum. Regards. Simon.