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  1. you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Your parents deserve a medal. This is exactly what i was looking for!
  2. Hello; I work in a break-fix repair shop. My co workers are idiots, and I usually end up picking up the slack. As such, (to make it a little easier on me) I have provided each of them with a flash drive with some useful repair tools. Usually, this means I also end up maintaining them as well when new versions/updates are released, or when I want to add a new tool to the library. What I would like to do is simply set up an FTP directory with what I want to be on their drives, and maintain only that directory. To do this I need a very simple, "set and forget" solution or portable program that can be run from the flash drives. What I want this program to do is (after being configured) be a "1-click" solution (as to not confuse my co workers) to check the remote FTP directory, and mirror that directory on the flash drives; deleting, updating, and creating new folders/downloading files as necessary WITHOUT deleting everything off the flash drive and re downloading the full FTP directory. (IE - Only downloading new/change files and folders, while deleting anything present on the flash drive but not present on the FTP directory). If you know of any such solution program that has a simple interface and is portable, I would be very appreciative. I have tried out many programs searching for this. Most aren't simple enough or only offer backing up TO the FTP server, not the reverse. I do not mind paying for the software. Thank you, DIatech
  3. Hello; First I must start off by saying my intentions are not to Pirate software from Microsoft. Backstory : What I would like to do is create a Windows 7 Install ISO that contains all the necesary files to activate just as an OEM DVD would activate. As I understand it, an OEM DVD of windows 7 requires 3 things: An SLP string stored in BIOS unique to the MFG/Version of Windows to be activated. An SLIC key (in place of a CD key) unique to the MFG/Version of Windows to be activated. SLP certificate file that must match the SLP string stored in BIOS. If I were able to add all 3 requirements for all the major MFGs (Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, etc etc.) could a Windows 7 ISO exist that would automatically LEGITMATLEY activate the APPROPRIATE OS that the original/genuine OEM install media would? I just want a DVD I can use to restore the OS of any mainstream manufactured PC and not have to worry about activation if the COA is removed. It would also be nice to not have to enter the Key every time a client is irresponsible with their recovery media Ofcourse if the machine is not a MFG'ed machine (read:custom build) or you tried installing Ultimate instead of Home Premium, I would not expect nor want it ot activate. Please let me know if this is possible. It would simplify my life EXTREMELY, and I have no maluicious purpose or intent. Thank you, NNJZ P.S. The ISO I am using is a Genuine Windows 7 retail ISO with the ei.cfg removed to allow selection of the appropriate Win7 version.
  4. Thinking about it, I may want the product key screen to be displayed.. Would it be possible to automate an AIO ISO so that only three dialog boxes are displayed? -OS selection -Disk Configuration -Enter Key Screen If so, would it be required to do anything in WAIK, or would it be done purely through the XML file? I have WAIK installed, but I honestly do not know how to use it, and Im not sure if what I am doing is correct or is going to break the install. Thanks for any help -NNJZ
  5. What would happen if I were to integrate an invalid key? say 00000-00000-00000-00000-00000 for each version?
  6. You sir, are my new hero. Thank you soo much! This is exactly what I was looking for!! I'm a little confused about the keys tho. Can I simply skip the activation (entering the key) until after windows is installed, and activate manually inside the OS? Sorry, I just don't quite understand that last bit.. Thanks again for the help!! -NNJZ P.S. sorry for the two week old/late response!
  7. I had found the above link previously, however the circumstance is a bit different. The threads explain how to config. an unattended install of x86 and x64 .WIMs on one ISO. Instead, I would like to automate the install of two separate ISOs : -One with only x86 .wims (Starter 32-bit, home basic 32-bit, home premium 32-bit, professional 32-bit, and ultimate 32-bit) -One with only x64 .wims (home basic 64-bit, home premium 64-bit, professional 64-bit, and ultimate 64-bit) I already have the ISOs, I just need to automate the install using them. Since writing this post I've searched around a little more and think I understand it a bit better. I think all I would need to do is drop an autounattend.xml file in the root of the ISO and it will work to silently install any version chosen. Is this correct? Thank you, NNJZ
  8. Sorry, I should have been more clear, I already have SP1 slip streamed. I will be taking advantage of the IE9 guide though Thanks! The issue isn't x86 or x64 support, its getting an unattended install working with an all in one edition of windows. RT 7 Lite prompts you for which version you want to create an unattended install for. I'm going to try creating the UA install with RT 7 Lite then removing the ei.cgi file and see if that works.
  9. Hello; I've seen the following question broached before, but it wasn't specific enough, or the circumstances were slightly different to ask my question in an existing thread. I have two Windows 7 All-In-One ISOs with the ei.cgi removed; one x86 and one x64. I'd like to configure each as an unattended install with one answer file for each version the user is able to select to install. If I need to create a separate answer file for each, that would be fine too - Im just not sure how it works. I've seen tutorials on doing this with tools such as 7Customizer and RT Se7en lite, but I haven't been seen it done with an AIO ISO. When I tried using RT Se7en lite on my ISOs, it prompts for the edition the user would like to use, and it silently installs the last version I setup as a silent/unattended install instead of prompting for the version the user would like to install like the original all-in-one ISO did. Also, if possible, I'd like to integrate some updates/IE9 as well (no drivers, no 3rd party programs, and the ISO is already SP1; just pure Microsoft stuff). I work for a retail repair shop and would like a versatile Windows 7 ISO I can use to restore a client's computer in one step (skipping all prompts, and defaulting to local regional settings [uS, Eastern Time zone, etc]). If anyone could provide some help or insight it would be greatly appreciated, and save a whole lot of time (re installing windows is something I do frequently on a daily basis) Thanks, NNJZ
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