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  1. my nero is Nero.v11.2.00400.Lite no file extracted in temp directory only one file setup.exe
  2. im silent nero 11 with sfxmaker switch /S /NCRC how to select language Engliosh and select burning rum Option ?
  3. hi testing in to laptop information SystemEnclosuretype()=="Desktop"
  4. getSystemEnclosuretype()=="Laptop" no detected laptop in condition Hide
  5. my config no detect laptop getSystemEnclosureType()=="Laptop" getSystemEnclosureType()=="Desktop"
  6. how to Adding new keyboard layout silently? any program any file for windows 7
  7. it s run text file and no sleep "%wpipath%\Install\Sn Nero.txt" and then run next command "%wpipath%\Install\Nero 10.exe"
  8. how to discernment between Laptop and Desktop? Commands?or Condition THX

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