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  1. I have the new WinPE 4.0 and on the Dell 990 I can not get it to recongize the hard drive. I am booting from a usb which it recognizes with no problem. Here is what it sees: I have loaded several storage drivers just for the Dell 990 and even got the cab file for Pre-Installation use. When ever I use diskpart it sees the hard drive but it does not have a letter assigned to it. When I manually assign a letter to it, WinPE still does not see it. Any suggestions? Oh, I am trying to capture an image of the computer with imagex through WinPE. This process works on all other machines accept t
  2. I modified the script as follows: $startnet = Get-Content $cmd | Where {$_ -ne "wpeinit"} $startnet += "@echo off`r`n" $startnet += "echo Inititalizing WinPE ...`r`n" $startnet += "wpeinit`r`n" $startnet += "echo Initialized!`r`n" $startnet += "echo Connecting to Image Server ...`r`n" $startnet += "net use Z: `"\\SRHS-SUP-FS\Desktop Support\Images`"`r`n" $startnet += "echo Connected!`r`n" $startnet += "cd /d Z:\`r`n" $startnet += "echo Launching GUI Interface ...`r`n" $startnet += "index.hta`r`n" It now works. Here is the final script: $dir = "C:\WinPE64" $waik
  3. I tried this: $startnet = Get-Content $cmd | Where {$_ -ne "wpeinit"} $startnet += "@echo off" $startnet += "echo Inititalizing WinPE ..." $startnet += "wpeinit" $startnet += "echo Initialized!" $startnet += "echo Connecting to Image Server ..." $startnet += "net use Z: `"\\SRHS-SUP-FS\Desktop Support\Images`"" $startnet += "echo Connected!" $startnet += "cd /d Z:\" $startnet += "echo Launching GUI Interface ..." $startnet += "index.hta" Out-File -filepath $cmd -InputObject $startnet -Encoding ASCII and got this: It looks like there are no hard returns being p
  4. I have create a PowerShell script that builds my WInPE 3.0 and then writes it to my choosen jump drive. I automate some changes in the WinPE that seem to crash WinPE when launched. On the other hand if I make the same changes manually everything works fine. The actual WinPE build is fine it is the startnet.cmd that I am editing. Here is the code: $dir = "C:\WinPE64" $waik = "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64" $tools = "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\amd64" $pak = "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\amd64\WinPE_FPs" $cmd = "$dir\mount\Windows\System32\startnet.cm
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