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  1. Is there any cure for that? I have heard of replacing PCB-s and other stuff, but I don't know what to do. Most of my collection was on that disk, and because I didn't have another, I don't have any backup. I just need to "repair" it for a 30 minutes to transfer all of my data to another disk. Never again Seagate. I have gave them so much money over the years, and now I have a couple of bricks instead of working disk's. I have heard about freezing the disk, or heating it if this is a symptom of "click of doom" and some of the users said that it worked for them. But, i really wouldn't like to literally fry my drive if that isn't last resort. If U have any sugestions or idea, if U need some more information, please, let me know because I'm practicly desperate. I will send you olive oil and kulen from Croatia. Thanx in advance. Goran
  2. Can anyone please help me? I have 31500341AS with CC1H 1.5 tb, and one morning the drive just died. I have tried to revive it , but any method found on this pages ain't working. When connected, the drive click's couple of times, and after that just stops. I tried isolating a head or motor contacts, but I can't get anything on hyperterminal, but circuit is working. I tried to test it with a ca42 cable and TTL adapter, but nothing. I tried as many as 20 procedures of fixing my drive but neither of them works. Can you please help me, or direct me, becasue, this drive stopped working suddenly, so I didn't back up my data. It's really important that this drive works. Please, help me. Regards.