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  1. Text 2 wav, dutch

    Text 2 wav, dutch I need a freeware tool to get txt converted to wav in the dutch language. The new MS Speech server in word does speaks amazing good (hanna-nl-nl & server 10.2) but i can not save it and tried a lot to get that TTS in other apps to work but i am not good enough to get that done. What can i do to get the job done?
  2. Hello World and al other great girls and boys here. Let me begin to thank you that you want to read this post, and than second, sorry for my bad english but i'm dutch.... maybe that is an exuse My question, i want to save a computer spoken text as a file. Background: For handicapped people i make guide's how they can do things in life, this in a volonteer community. Two years ago we also got people who can not read in our group. I started to make drawings-instuctions, but that "sucks" and takes a lot of time. Tried to make word documents whit text to speech, captured it to wav and with pinnacle i made it a movie, amazing results ...... But the speech is awfull dutch (litte like i write here) But: After two years i finaly found a text to speech combination that is close to real dutch. - MS Word 2010 - SpeechPlatformRuntime.msi - MSSpeech_TTS_nl-NL_Hanna.msi Searched for days, no GUI to find or something to get this system to save to wave. I hope somebody here can give me a clue how to do this. Thanks in advance, Greetings From Holland