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  1. Hello guys, I have been reading this forum for a while today after I signed up and so far everything is good but I am at a fork right now and dont know what to do. Plan: Make bootable iso with Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and x64 SP1 with all the latest updates and place it in an 8Gb USB. I downloaded a program called "WinToolkit" that allowed me to merge both 32 and 64 bit editions of Windows 7(SP1) into a single iso. This is all good, using this program I was able to do just that, and since out of all the editions the only one I use is Ultimate I removed all of them except Ultimate 32 and 64 bit. I also downloaded the VMware app to try out the iso and make sure everything works right and everything works just like its supposed to, Windows install opens, asks me to select Ultimate x86 or x64, and it installs successfully, of course I go to the Control Panel and there are tons of updates to download, which is the next part. I downloaded from this site "Windows Updates Downloader" and from a thread by "steven4554" called "Post-SP1 updates for Windows 7 (Updated 10/07/2012)" I downloaded the Post-SP1 .ulz files (32 and 64 bit). I double clicked these files and both were recognized by WUD. There is a dropdown selection on the top where I can change between the x86 and x64 .ulz files (updates are listed below this). Now, where I am having trouble... Should I download these into different folders? (ex. the 32bit updates to a folder and the 64 bit updates to another folder?) Or should I put them together? (Both 32 and 64 bit updates in a single folder?) and how do I merge them with my iso that contains both x86 and x64? I saw a thread here a while ago but I have not been able to find it again since I got to it by google, that's why I am posting this thread for help. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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