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  1. as far as a can tell, manually going over all of the settings seems to work I am testing in phases to see if I can find out at least which section is causing the problem. everything under the integrate section works (Sevice pack, All add-ons and Update Packs, Drivers) Everything under the Remove components works (I have actually removed a little more unneeded stuff then was included in the posted ini still works) Tweaks work, Create bootable ISO works, I have tested Options the only things I didn't test under that section was Clean MUI Langauges Support entries, and keep code pages of removed languages. so those were left at default settings. the next test is going to try those by the process of elimination the problem seems to be somewhere in the unattended settings, Clean MUI Langauges Support entries, and keep code pages of removed languages since those are the only settings I haven't tried yet. or the Ini is corrupted in some way I am not detecting (for lack of a better example putting an alt 255 in java , or html code)
  2. Tried just setup plus service pack 3 = Setup works Used the above disk for all other trials. Used failed preset and tried removing likely causes of problems for following 3 tests Tried no addons just settings, removed components..etc = Setup failed Tried no addons just settings, unchecked all hardware and drivers from remove component = Setup failed Tried no addons and no removed components (registry settings and unattended were still enabled) = Setup failed ok... Manually coded settings no use of preexisting preset. Tried only adding addons (nothing else) = Setup works Tried adding addons plus removed components = Setup works clear the problem is somewhere after that stage or the preset has some kind of bug in it that is causing nlite to screw up anyone else have any idea's ?
  3. hopefully I am not being rude you have made sure to set the computer to use AHCI in the BIOS before trying to install the operating system right? if the thing is set to compatibility and AHCI is installed it will case a blue screen.
  4. hopefully I am not being rude you have made sure to set the computer to use AHCI in the BIOS before trying to install the operating system right? if the thing is set to compatibility and AHCI is installed it will case a blue screen.
  5. I think we can rule out the removed lan driver but it's probably something in that area. I will try to resume the install and see what happens. Edit: Nope restating the installation.. didn't work. neither did unchecking everything from the Drivers, Hardware Support. last Session (Fails).ini Last Session (Works).ini
  6. actually, you misunderstand. The problem is not the add-on, it is somewhere in the nlite preset (i.e probably something being removed that shouldn't not have been) since the installation still fails at the same place even if no add-ons are being added. this indicates that the problem is elsewhere. all of the add-ons with the exception of the post Service pack 3 updates have been tested at some point but in the past as well. as you can also see from this post I was having the same problem although the cause of issue was never explicitly identified. The problem with Batt.dll missing seems to have resolved itself for unknown reasons. so that is no longer a concern. I am 90% sure that works but I will change it.. the file it's pointing to is a script written by me and it will not cause problems regardless as it primary function is to set icons and do some other post installation tweaks.
  7. good to know, I was not aware of that however that is not the problem. (adding the entires.ini has worked in the past but I will update my method from here on out.) Thanks the Installation does work with service pack 3 added and drivers added (no other add-nos or settings) when the rest of the configuration settings were added the machine fails to get past registering components
  8. um a quick question.. is it possible to create an add on that will install on a different drive letter? I.e the system is installed on the C drive and application is installed in Z:\my-app\custom-folder
  9. a Silent update ? can you elaborate further ? and will do.
  10. when trying to install the operating system it freezes on "registering components" and hangs their forever... what exactly is happening at this stage ? I have had this error before and it does seem to be related to appear randomly as I am tweaking the nlite installation. I am currently running a Lenovo W500 laptop http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail.page?LegacyDocID=MIGR-71785 any idea's what's going wrong ? Edit: sorry I thought I did. The disk jumps from Service pack 0 to Service pack 3 and I close Nlite to compensate for the Known bug then proceed with the rest of the setup. notable additions include. C++ Run times, Command Line Tools from Window 7, Direct x, .Net All versions, IE 8, Java Runtime Environment 7 update 17, User Profile Hive Cleanup Service 2.2 and RVM Post Service Pack 3 updates. approximate final size is 490 mb as far as I know most of this stuff works. LAST SESSION.INI
  11. as an update it seems there was a comma in the path name that was causing problems.
  12. that is Confirmed. sorry I was away for a while. I have made a Raw copy of my service pack 0 disk* to the hard drive, then I make a copy of that for Nlite to work with. I always start with a fresh copy before nliting. I then run integrate service pack. apply the SP3 then I close Nlite. I then Restart Nlite and import the Session I was working with (the one uploaded here). the settings now appear to be correct (your advice fixed the settings from being unchecked) However Nlite does not seem to follow them very well. I deleted all of the session.in and Session_u.ini files and manually recreated them (with the same settings) to make sure that the file wasn't somehow corrupted... that did not fix the problem. in my case I am renaming the System Administrator account to Admin_str (so that it makes it a little more secure over a network) and assigning it a password. I am also creating a new normal administrator (that is part of the Administrators group) with the name Murrrrr. What is interesting is that if Murrrrr does not have a password (which since it is my personal account I originally left blank for easy testing) then Murrrrr shows up on the welcome screen just fine and Admin_str is hidden (as it should be). Now if I tell Nlite to assign Murrrrr a password so that both Murrrrr and Admin_str have a password. Murrrrr becomes hidden and Admin_str shows up on the welcome screen (what I would expect is for Murrrrr to show up on the welcome screen with Admin_str to be active but hidden and the renamed guest account to be hidden since the guest account is disabled with all 3 visable under control panel > user account settings ). what is really weird is that if I go to the control panel > user account settings does not show Murrrrr at all. I see Admin_Str and the renamed guest account. (normally I would expect to see both Murrrrr, Admin_str and the renamed guest account under user account settings) however if I hit crtl+alt+del+del at the welcome screen and manually enter in the account info for murr it does log me in. under the tweaks section I checked "Remove Shared Documents" from my computer. and they still show up under my computer they didn't use to and I don't know why they do now. set status bar to all windows doesn't work and again it use to. I do get a like 1 second pop up for windows tours that show up when I log in which shouldn't be the case. interesting Nlite seems to install unusually fast 4:30 minutes as appose to about 10 from a working install. it feels like it is not completing the Nlite configuration however just about everything else works (all versions of .net up to 4.0 are integrated, direct x is integrated,as well as all of the visual C++ libraries, drivers etc) *(the disk I am using is a windows xp professional academic edition, which irritatingly rejects most of my serial keys legit, pirated, or borrowed and even the legit key which I personally purchased and I am currently using causes warning in the event log that I have 30 days to validate (I have not noticed any other problems with it). I am guessing they put something in the Sp3 compilation I am using. normally I prefer to use pirated corporate keys and a wabbit to beat wga even though I own many legitimate copies of windows since it is quite honestly less of a hassle. But since this is the only Sp0 disk I have at the moment that is what I am using.) could the version of windows or the validation be what is causing me troubles?
  13. my installation is having problems at the moment and doesn't seem to be doing what it should be as referenced in and it is not installing the mlin start up monitor into the control panel. do I need a run once for this? do I need to include the inf I posted earlier as well as the cpl? (tried both neither seems to work) After reading up on the $OEM$ folders maybe this will solve my problem with my batch file not being able to find the folders it needs during installation as referenced by this post or eliminate the need the batch-file entirely. the purpose of the batch-file was to copy things such as the windows folder, documents and settings containing desktop.ini files and set the read only bit on the folders by copying a folder that has been set up over top of the existing one. while this works perfectly post install I haven't been able to get it to work during the installation. would simply putting the folders needed into $OEM$\$1 solve this problem? will files placed in that folder overwrite ones that are already on the disk? or do I need to set up a run once to do this?
  14. Nope it's still doing weird things. the nlite doesn't have any trouble loading the .ini files anymore but it just doesn't quite respect it. for example it doesn't disable shared documents like it is supposed to, it seems to hide one of the user accounts (as in it doesn't show up under control panel > user account settings) however it can still be logged into interestingly enough if I set a password to both user accounts it seem to pick the one with the first letter in the alphabet and hides the other, if one doesn't have a password it displays that account and hides the one with the password. set status bar to all windows doesn't work, a popup for windows tour shows up. it's a mess. since I am having troubles with user accounts I posted a censored copy of the user data as well to see if anything jumps out at you. W500+addons.ini W500+addons_u.ini
  15. yes I have reviewed the page and played with the program a bit and I want to thank you for the useful tool. it's a step in the right direction. However the problem is that using this method requires that after using WirelessKeyView to export the keys, I then need to then launch WirelessKeyView Again from the new operating system and go through the Graphic user interface in order to import those keys. unless I can include the program and the instructions to import those keys into an nlite run-once it's not what I am looking to do. anyone know of how I could enter that into the run once context? or perhaps what process is used to register those keys so that I could make a script to do it? the idea is incorporate the wireless network passwords right into the installation so that it will not require any further user input, if I can find the file where this is stored I should be able to use a batch-file and do a straight copy. if it is stored in a registry key than I can import that at the same time as the other registry tweaks I have made.
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