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  1. Thanks all, but Still no sound. I guess I give up, and get 1 memory module and just use it on winxp. To bad:(
  2. First of all, sorry for a double post but I tought it would be beter to show theese screenshots in a new post So, is this w98 or w98se? How to tell, I tried to bring up as much info as possible on a 1024x786 desktop screen lol. Thanks in advanced. To reply to Loblo's post: On the screen in red ( the text, is of that install/driver that you;ve suggested. When trying to execute the install it simple says its not made for this OS. Greetz all
  3. Hey thank you all<3 I'm not even sure I've got win98se. I think its the normal windows 98. But where are thoose drivers lol. Even win95 or 3.11 had drivers haha:D How to check if I'm running w98se or plain w98? Accessing the internet on w98 is diffelcult because I'm forced to use wireless ( usb dongle ) and I can't even get my usb flash drive to work on w98:( So i keep rebooting to winxp to copy some new test drivers, then reboot back to w98. etc etc etc. Its a pain. lol Again thanks to all, but I hope some 1 could help me. Edit: Can i download a stand alone upgrade from w98 to SE, then a sp1,2, then sp3 stand alone file/install? Meaning I just download it on my main pc, and put it on my flash drive etc?, so i can install it.
  4. Wow, thanks for a reply on a short notice. I'll check it out. I'll keep you updated if it works ps. If my post decent? Its been a while I've been on a forum lols. EDIT. No good:(. Problem still not solved. What a shame the official site doesn't provide drivers. Not gonna buy a new I5/I7 laptop from hp/compaq because they lack support:/ Any 1 who can help me, i luve you<3
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to give my old laptop some new life with installing windows 98 again. I do have most experience with this old OS, However I cannot get the sound to work. The install (for win98) does find it, and install properly but after a reboot it gave the following flag in the decive manager: ( I'll try my best to translate the info into English): - "The NTkern.VXD, MMDEVLDR.VXD device program(s) are unable to load the driver(s) for this device. (CODE 2)" Checking out the installed drivers, they are all there. ( well it shows a bunch, check screenshot) I've provided some screenshots, taken on win98 and on winxp ( dual boot, same system) On winxp, the sound automaticly installed, during setup, saying its a via ac97 WDM etc. So Therefor I've googled for the via ac97 for win98 and installed that on the win98 OS. It installed fine, but still no sound and a flag in device manger as said above. Any 1 knows what I'm doing wrong? A solution would be awsome. Some specs: Its a compaq evo n150 laptop, 700 hz celleron 64 mb solderd memory minus 8mb for the video ( wonder win xp ran with 56 mb of memory) . I believe with the appollo chipset and via southbrigde. I can look it up wich one with cpu-z if needed. Greetz trancelistic. EDIT for some spellings ( I hope i got all ) Ps: On the official HP/COMPAQ site, onder the page for driver for my Compaq EVO n150. It has all drivers but no sound provided. Wow HP why? It doesn't even give info where to get it. Ps2 offtopic. How to make a flash drive work under win98?. Now I keep rebooting to wxp to copy /try new drivers for w98.
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