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  1. how i make usb bootable

    Hi...Not a whole lot of info you gave out there.. Maybe this will help I just recently used this on making a XP bootable usb driver. Worked a treat... I have a problem though that I can not actually select boot from USB in the BIOS. Buttttttt What I do and have done many many time when installing Windows 7 is select the usb as FIRST BOOT and then once the initial first bit of an install is complete I revert back to booting from the HDD. It has worked for me and my mobo is quite dated on LGA 775. Newer boards do allow BOOT FROM USB. Hope that link helps you out...
  2. Well written...... Great job.....
  3. Well I recon that will be my final test for this little project. I swapped all the compressed driver files for NONE compressed driver files and it worked like a charm. NO errors. No warnings. Nothing. Just one re-boot just after the initial install and everything is working fine and when I look into the system hardware there is no unknown devices.. I can say...JOB DONE..... Thanks to every body who had input on this. This has been a fun and very worth while project....
  4. Found the problem. Dont know why but while compressing the driver file it lost some of it's name ??? Been thinking of why the drivers have to be compressed. Is it just simply to save disc space. If it is well by adding all the updates,hotfixes and all my drivers it becomes far too big to fit on a cd-r anyway. So it has to fit on a dvd-r and therefore compressing the drivrers is no longer necessary as there is plenty of room on a dvd-r. So with this in mind I am going to do another test and use regular driver files. This does how work in my favour. Seing I have allready done all the hard work of adding all the info needed to the DOSNET,TXTSETUP and HIVESFT all I need to do is make a duplcate source "MyDrvrs" with duplicate subfolders containg normal driver files then simple swap the folder on the source for my new one. I wont delete the old one but keep it save. Meaning I will have two virtually identical folders\subfolders to choose from. Will report back with my findings. Jess is about to start off in the Olympic park so telly becons....
  5. Well after intergrating all of my drivers,TEN in total. From graphics,audio to the Abit Guru drivers. One error popped up. A file connected to the graphics driver was not copied at install and the PC picked up on this and wrned me it was missing. It didn't seem to stop the graphics drivers working. Apart from that it woked like a charm. So I will look into why the file wont copy. Probebly I may of just simply missed copying it into the source foder. I am feeling pretty pleased with my self I can tell you.
  6. Last night I was adding ALL my drivers to DOSNET,TXTSETUP and HIVESFT also amended my WINNT too. It took me ages to sort them all out and I put the instll files onto my usb stck ready for a test install. Today though I have been too busy to mess with my PC so not had chance to test the install. As soon as time allows I will see what happens and reportt back. The way I have done would allow me to easily add new ones or indeed remove any unwanted ones. I have also as a side project been making an up to date disc too. With all the hotfixes,critical updates manually intergrated too. I have yet to test this. I am hopefully going to end up to install discs. One for me to use purely on my machine and one to use on other folks PC's NO MORE nLite for me.....
  7. WOW....You have been a busy boy...That is vey clever..... I thought i was doing well with my little scripts.... I have a script to make a list of file names in a certain folder. then that script adds the corresponding [sourceDisksFiles] info. Of course I have to make a new script for each driver but no big deal. Some of my drivers have a lot of files in them. This just makes it that little bit easier... I like your script though..... Wish i was that clever..
  8. Great work. Will have o give it a go and see which is easier.
  9. Sounds interesting.... Do tell please...
  10. Right this is what i have done. I'm sure you all know the simple things,obtaining the OS files,downloading the drivers,compressing the drivers. that sort of thing. But if you do need more info,just ask... I compressed all my driver files and copied them to the source disc, i386\NuDrvs\lan I have amended four files DOSNET.inf TXTSETUP.sif HIVESFT.inf WINNT.sif Amend all these files and copy them back into the source disk i386 folder. This worked a treat.....And I can not express how happy this had made me feel.... I want to thank each person who has helped me with this project. Each person has held a piece of the puzzle and now they all fit perfectly..... Well what I have to do now is ttry with more than one driver abd see what happens... Thanks evry body... Any questions just ask....
  11. DONE IT... DONE IT ... I have done it...... OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Just gunna write it up now........
  12. Thanks for that. very interesting....... I left things last night,too much buzzing round my head.... Picking it up again today And I am just about to test with the ammended HIVESFT file......This points to Windows\inf and my folders..... Cheers for the extra info.......
  13. that link is interesting. I have actually seen it before but this time around i understand more of this process. The is very interesting indeed... That could hold the key..... The $OEM$\$1\Drivers........ i know of this way and i have tested it a couple of times and it works. I just dont want my drivers sat on the root of C: drive....... I know it's a small thing,but i am too far into this just to give up... I have copying my files from sourc to destination locked down now. using etited DOSNET and TXTSETUP......I understand what changes to make and file system to use... As for my latest tests.....Nope......Very close !! With my edited driver.inf I still get the found new hardware wizzard popping up. It tells me that the files are in C:\Windows\NuDrvs\lan and that is exactly where they are but I still have to browse for them... So it's not the missing piece.. I think my next test will be to forget about my driver.inf being copied into Windows\INF. Going to look at the "HIVESFT.INF" and add my folder path to that which contains ALL my driver files... My destination folder path is "C:\Windows\NuDrvs\lan" So Looking at the "HIVESFT.inf" I should be looking at Definatly summet new to try....So I will.... Cheers for this new info "cdob"
  14. Well test done... Result..... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooooo close. The install picked up the .inf file. It brought up "Found New Hardware" wizzard and I had to browse to my folder....C:\Windows\NuDrvs\lan I had in my driver.inf I had wrote it wrong... Going to try again and ammend it to If that fails i will try
  15. Right,another test is on the way. What I have done. Using my set up which copies all the drivers onto the system into Windows\NuDrvs\LAN. Edited DOSNET + edited TXTSETUP + my WINNT file I have added to $OEM$\$$\INF and inside here I have placed my driver.inf file. The driver.inf file will be copied into Windows\INF nicely and I have edited the file, I have no idea if this is right or wrong. i have found nothing detailing this on the web at all. Which probebly inidicates it's wrong. Like all good experiments it comes down to trial and error.... What I ahve just thought about. Before i go to install I will remove the compressed driver.inf from the install source. Two of the same file might cause problems...