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  1. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    it was huge F. pc is faster than ever again!. just got done reinstalling an external drive, printer, and mic. office pro. ........now I need to try and keep the kids from burdening system with video games whilst listening to music on another window at same time..................have the new xp o.s. cd WE made tucked safely away. hope to get a few more years out of this set-up.........TOM
  2. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    F. I dont what to say.....your mod pack worked flawlessly!...harder to believe, is that I was able to bring this pc back from the dead with my limited knowledge. (and your help) did not even know what a zip file was or how to use it. I kept googling terms until I could understand the definitions and some how it worked! I decded to not push my luck and installed sp3 after I got it up and running......right now I am downloading just ove 2 hours of updates from the widows update page....thanks so much!! and for having so much patience with all your responses...............if I would not have found your article, I would no longer have xp and I would be spending $$$ on new software.............I am sure you are a valuable employee to someone, thanksfor getting my desktop back!! tom.
  3. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    morning, F, some info:I have a dell inspiron 530s desktop. intel pentium dual core processor with cpu E2160 @ 1.80 GHZ....................dell site shows 530s to have G33/ICH9 express chipset with 800 MHZ sys. bus speed.................in my bios boot device config." removable disk priority" is shown as 1st for making a choice on, when I press enter there is,only1 option "floppy disk" 2nd for making a choice is the " HD boot priority" and this does have the new HDD on top. OR 1ST. bootable add in cards would be the only other option WHICH IS #2. next column, first boot device- CDROM, 2nd boot device hard disk.
  4. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    thanks for help F. I am so new to any of this, sorrry, from the begining, I could no longer log into windows page about a week ago,no safe mode either......pc was working very nice before this. I ran a diagnostic test from driver/utility disk that came with pc, and it pointed to an uncorrectable error. I format drive with a usb adapter kit on another pc and drive failed tests again so I purchased a new HDD. for some reason my oem os reinstall cd is not recognized in my cd/rom?but my driver / utility cd is?. I have a newer lap top that can see it fine though?...........some info,from (F-12) boot menu, choices are removable -floppy disk. next, 2 choices under hard disk. -sato-0 : wdc wd3200AAKX (new HDD) and -bootable add in cards. next choices are cd rom and utility partition. I elect cd rom but i get no boot device available with os disk. sato-0 installed,sato-1 installed, sato 4 and 5 read none. in my std cmos features,sato-0 my new and only HDD with correct 320GB capacity. sato-1 reads{HL-DT-ST DVD+/-RW GS} 0 capacity. sato 2 and 3 not present. 4 and 5 none.......I ran a diagnostics on new HDD and it passed all tests.not sure any of that info helps, but thought I would add it. .....I decided to try and use some zip files for ich9 and made a copy of my os disk with some drivers attached with nlite . it kind of worked! my cd rom drive read it and I went through the steps to load the operating system.... heres where the trouble starts, when I get to the part where pc is going to restart and run from HDD, I get unmountable-boot-volume........tried all the fixes, chkdsk/r,p fixboot,mbr............no luck. error is oxoooooed, followed by other #'s. sorrry for the long post, I am sure I left some things out. last info, I am in ide mode, reloaded defaults, my desktop is a 4 year old inspiron with intel G33 express chipset ICH9 6-port. thanks F vey impressive thread you have here!!! TOM. p.s. is it possible that the july 9 midnight deadline for fbi virus killed this pc? timing would have been perfect. I failed to test any of my pc's as all had nod32 antivirus5?....just burned a new copy of my oem xp sp2 he install disk WITHOUT adding any drivers from zipfile and it also failed to be recognized.
  5. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    hello 1st post, thanks for any info in advance. have not read all 60 pages yet. like many, I am searching for correct sata controller driver/s or modded pack since I have limited access to floppy........I have nlite program loaded in another pc.........I just installed a new SATA HDD in my dell desktop. I have a 530s and oem disc that came with it (xp home edition sp2). I have the g33 express chipset and ICH9. I notice in my bios sata settings, I am offered either RAID or IDE. if I can be directed to the correct control drivers. I would like to try and intergrate to the os cd. if these drivers are too difficult to obtain, I am just going to purchase another os and start over. thanks again,sincerely TOM.