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  1. Add shortcut to quick launch or desktop

    Ok i have tried and tested your method the good news it creates the shortcuts on desktop and in the quick launch But the bad news the shortcuts can't find their locations. And yeah i found how to do this without any program like console to hide. And it works now How did i do that ? Simple. Here is how it's done. I copied and created shortcut with target: "c:\program files\folder name\program.exe" in the start in: i created "c:\program files\folder name" on desktop i created shortcut.ink with the same name as my program and put the real program files location. Extracted program and put it $oem$\$progs folder. if you wanna that shortcut to be added from setup you need put setup in the same $oem$\folder as where is cmdlines.txt In cmdlines.txt i put "myprogram.exe" in silent mode (need only compress setup with winrar do not need extract them.) And when it finished installing xp i saw shotcut on desktop and it works I have installed 10 programs and their all shortcus works. Simple and works great. And i almost forgot to say that for setup do not need create shortcuts it install during windows installation this is only if do not mess everything with registry install programs. for extracted files from setup need to read how it's done. Now i'm happy with this results and i wanna to thank you for your help guys.
  2. Add shortcut to quick launch or desktop

    What are you talking about ? So can you help or how i do not understand you. There is not tut out there internet how to use it so how can i create shortcuts with it if i see this program first time and i do not know how it works no example anything
  3. Add shortcut to quick launch or desktop

    Maybe it's a good idea but the problem is that i can't find how to use it. tjhere are not explanations how to use it. Can you show how ? I found read me document but i'm confused with it
  4. Add shortcut to quick launch or desktop

    Well it is actually not to hard to do this like i do But this method does not work for unattended xp only as you use it normaly in xp. here is how i do that. Just copy any program and click right menu and select create shortcut. Maybe it sounds stupid and anyone can do this simply but it's true this is all i know how it works simple in windows but not in unattended version. So how can it be done in other way ? I have tried and like this method of cource %systemdrive%\program files\my program.exe and add this to program shortcut. but nothing happens. and this method does not work too c:\program files\my program.exe I hav just asked for people how to create silent installtion method but none of them worked correctly in only one way i have descovered how it can be done so easily what i have done it is so amaizing way. I just added and created, compresed program using winrar and just put the winrar sfx setup in cmdlines.txt like registry tweaks and when what i saw i couldn't believed that i have done this work correctly in simplest way as posibble as i know now I hope someone it will like it to know what i have just done. I know that this is not a news but for new guys it will be nice to know how it works in simplest way. It installs any programs you want silently and create it in start menu program but do not add program shortcut to desktop or to quick launch. That's why i need to know how it can be done from registry or in the another way and show it on desktop or add it to quik launch. I actually have found 2 methods one in cmdlines.txt add and other method to extract program with universal extractor and add program to program files location and create a shortcut but none of 2 methods do not work for shortcuts in unattended xp.
  5. Hi everyone i have some problems with shortcuts creations for unattended xp. Maybe someone knows how to add working shotcuts for all users using registry for quick lauch or for desktop programs ? I know this can be so easy but i do not know how to do this. Cuz i can't find how to do that anywhere. I know where to add them but they just do not work so simple. in the simple way i add shotcuts for programs but they do not work. and your help would be so great B)
  6. Ok done. Thanks for you help i will try it and let you know if everything is working.
  7. Ok but what is the point of that to do if i need to block not for windows files but i want to block it for unattended xp how to do that ? the code you gave me do not work i tried it to put into hosts file when i tried to open windows updates website started checking new updates for my computer and dropped popup window with program install. Nothing happens man.
  8. Sometimes windows re enable from registry and when restars computer it start updating itself how to stop it from that. If i remove it at all from services i can't restore it again anymore. And i do not want to do like that. Can you suggest something better ? Or maybe there are some tricks to do that from registry but of cource i need better code for xp pro. Maybe there is some other way to do that. Thanks in advance.
  9. i have't anymore cuz i had these problem i deleted all files. And after a while time i have decided to make my xp unattended again but this i will do it only if someone can help to fix problem cuz i have spent a lot of times with these modified files. but now i'm back from zero to best. Yeah it sound strange that i haven't them anymore but it's true. and that's why i need help from you guys. Actually it restores all windows dll files only these. I do not know how these guys can create their tranformations packs even updated windows files it stays as modified not as normal files.
  10. Hi, I'm Mrblack. I hope some will know this how to sove this problem with dll files itselft restoration after update windows files. how to protect all modified dll files not to restore itself even after windows updates to leave my modified files as normal files ? Maybe there are some registry codes to stop these self restorations to protect all modified files or something ? I know how to stop windows updates from registry it's like to disable it but it is not even enough i have tried a lot of times to solve this problem no help. I want to leave them always as modified even after windows updates. Tell me if it is possible to do. If it is possible. so how to do this and solve my problem ? Cuz when windows updates after restart computer my modied files restore itself and stay as original windows files. How to stop it from that ? I do not know how to explain it better. I hope you understand what i'm talking about right now. Why does this happens ? I'm new.