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  1. All the info we have about this, are in posts above. ST_M13FQBL means that PCB does not comunicate with a disk plate area that has info about HD ID
  2. I did 1 more test: I unsolder rom, put PCB on disk and power on. Disk doesnt click anymore and terminal ........works......but ctrr+z respond ........> , and if i type ? respond ...... Boot Cmds: DS AP <addr> WT <data> RD GO TE BR <divisor> BT WW ? RET I google it and it means ROM dead. I was hoping it was f/w problem, but now i think i have to google "how to make a clean room" and open disk hoping a "simple" head change is the solution
  3. Thans for reply. The BIOS recognize it us ST_M13FQBL. The disk spins for 10 sec, and it stops when clicking stops. In this link http://forum.hddguru.com/seagate-7200-need-help-with-diagnosis-and-fix-t18907-20.html#p143165 its about ST31000528AS. And 2 pins need too be shorted, for terminal to work. I tried that cos this pins are exactly like my PCB, but no luck. I will try again terminal with good hard disk, and use paper in head, and next in motor, to see if it works.....when i get home EDIT: I take good hard disk, i put paper on head contact - no clicking - no terminal. I put paper on motor - no clicking - no terminal This means that ROM needs to ID plates, and only that time terminal works.
  4. I have a 7200.12 ST31000524AS that looks like ST_M13FQBL in bios, and makes this noise when connect to supply First i try Seatools from cd dos, but all commands fail. I read the 7200.11 guide, i get the cable ,pc with xp installed , hyperterminal , but no luck the disk does not see terminal ( ctrl+z doesnt work too). Then i bought another ST31000524AS diferent f/w.Test hyperterminal and it works perfect. Swap PCB and nothing, both disk do the same sound and no respond to hyperterminal. Then i unsolder rom from new (good ) pcb and replace the old (damaged) pcb. And new disk works fine. The old disk is still dead. This means that old pcb is fine. The problem is the (old) rom or the heads or the plates (maybe first sector that has info about serial and model is damaged) Any idea why hyperterminal is not working when pcb cant ID the disk plates?