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  1. Installing xp64 over xp32

    Thanks Seraph for your input As I figured, I was naive regarding my expectations The complexity and cost of this procedure are not what I'd hoped, so for now I will continue with the setup I now have
  2. Installing xp64 over xp32

    Thanks - helpful information This is not my usual turf, so excuse my naive or plain stupid questions and confusion Your patience is very much appreciated I am in no way computer tech-savy - I have done illustration for magazines/books/clients for over 40 years - I went all-digital with the art in 1992 (using software like Corel Painter, Photoshop and various 3D apps) (Some of it here, scroll down), but I'm out of my element here beyond installing memory and additional boards and such When you say to use a different drive I don't think you are saying that one drive would be operating a 32 bit OS and another drive would be running a 64 bit OS on the same machine? That's not even possible is it:? I do have an external hard drive that would serve (I think) the purpose for safe-keeping (I suppose disconnecting it during installation would suffice?) A bit confused (again) on this... My current system was built from the ground up with no software included - I installed all of the software, some existing at the time and others added later See the attached images from CPU-Z showing my system specs I ran the Microsoft compatibility software on my system (this was for Win 7 64bit) and it said that my installed software was 64 bit ready - Would that diagnostic say that about 32 bit software? Thanks again for your much needed help If this undertaking is totally unfeasible, I'll just keep running with what I have My system specs =
  3. I need to install xp 64 on my current system running xp 32 bit (I have verified that the system is indeed 64 bit, and have run diagnostics from Microsoft verifying the system is ready and compatible for 64 bit OS) QUESTION 1: Does installing XP64 require a clean re-installation of all my software (it is 64 bit compatible) ? (Win 7 64 requires this)** QUESTION 2: Is it possible, if the installation fails, to reinstall the 32 bit and the software? **REASON: All of my software is legal - the problem is it has been multiple upgrades over a period of years (ie: from Photoshop 5 to CS3), and in the case of CS3, it was purchased legally from a 3rd party vendor) This is the situation with most of my software, I would not be able to provide the original CD or installation .exe file, and the serial numbers would most likely not reflect the original installation I am not a gamer, I do high end graphics and illustration and use programs like Z Brush and others requiring large memory management capability - the more recent upgrades to these programs demand even larger memory use Thanks for your help, advice and suggestions. Nate