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  1. I seem to have an issue that I cannot fix directly.... I will try my best to describe it - but I am currently stumped. I have two answer files that process my unattended windows installation for our image. In the OOBE answer file, under the first logon commands: I have 5 VBS scripts that get called. After the 1st script finishes, the computer restarts. Then it calls 4 other scripts before restarting. My logs show that it skips/errors on scripts #2, #3, #4 and then it completes script #5... I then had to record the oobe phase with my phone because the error is so quick! I am calling my vbs with cscript, so: <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <Order>2</Order> <CommandLine>C:\Windows\System32\cscript.exe "C:\hpcompaq\commands\test.vbs"</CommandLine> <Description>test</Description> <RequiresUserInput>false</RequiresUserInput> </SynchronousCommand> I end up getting a cscript error ( which I viewed via my paused video): The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application. When I test the script not via my answer file and using cscript, it does not error on me and performs the task as required. The script modifies our description field in our Active Directory after the computer is named, and attached to the domain. Any ideas? I know everything works as my 64 bit image calls the same scripts and has no issues...
  2. Figured it out. For some reason the scheduled reboot in my first script breaks everything after that.... Like it doesnt know where to come back to after it restarts.... Thanks for the help guys / letting me just talk it out.
  3. Is there any reason to use my firstlogoncommands to call a batch script that call my vbs? Or calling cscript to call my vbs?
  4. Okay Update: I changed them to all use cscript ( except the batch script in my FirstlogonCommands) and I am back to square one....: 1st script: Rename - passed 2nd script modify active directory description on computer's information pulled from DHCP... - SKIPPED ?! 3rd script Activate some software keys - passed 4th do a post driver installation fix - passed 5th do some file deletions - passed I know/have troubleshooting & debugging skills - I just came on here because I was confused that it worked on 64 bit, but not 32 bit. :/ I have logging set up in that script that writes to a file once specific events occur and yet it seems like the script is skipped entirely... I will do some debugging steps via that script - any ideas??
  5. Okay, I just syspreped my test machine, and it did NOT pick up its tasks where it left off of after it restarted.... So: First logon commands: 1) rename - succeeded 2) Restart -suceeded 3) do scripts 2-5 - Failed! I have the login count set to the proper amount under the local administrator, so that isnt the issue. I also checked the panther file and could not find anything jump out at me... but here is the log: setupact.txt SIDE QUESTION: What are the best practices when calling scripts? Using a batch file that calls my script? Call cscript which calls my vbs? Call my vbs directly? 95% of all my scripts ran during FirstLogonCommands are vbs'.
  6. @Tripredacus : I couldnt find anything in the event viewer once I got to my desktop. I dont think its the VBS as there is nothing being called that would require a 64 bit or 32 bit OS. ( plus it works when I test the script outside of the answer files - in a 32 bit OS) @maxXPsoft I will have to re-sysprep it during my testing today to look in that panther location. Is this located: C:\windows\Panther ? Setuperr.txt ? I have looked there already, and it said something about a DHCP issue with IPv6... but I will have to reconfirm as that might be from a previous sysprep.
  7. Hello all, I am having an issue within my WinPE that I don't know how to resolve. I am going off of this tutuorial: I have a mapped network drive and I am trying to add the ghost image file address to the ghost command, but it cannot resolve the targetpath of the shortcut. When I do this in my normal OS, it can find everything perfectly - but when I move to my WinPE it cannot get the targetpath. It can get the description and location of the shortcut (lnk) on the mapped drive. Here is my snippet: ... Dim colFilelist, objFile, strButtons, objShortcut, colTargetList, objTarget, x, y, strKey, strItem ReDim arrButtons(1,-1) details.innerHTML = "" details.style.visibility = "hidden" Set colFileList = objWMIService.ExecQuery _ ("ASSOCIATORS OF {Win32_Directory.Name='M:\" & fileName & "'} Where ResultClass = CIM_DataFile") For each objFile in colFileList 'MsgBox objFile.name If objFile.Extension = "lnk" Then Set objShortcut = objShell.CreateShortcut(objFile.name) 'odd = objShortcut.targetpath 'MsgBox odd ReDim Preserve arrButtons(1,UBound(arrButtons,2)+1) arrButtons(0,UBound(arrButtons,2)) = objShortcut.Description arrButtons(1,UBound(arrButtons,2)) = "<Input type=radio name=radioList id='" & objShortcut.targetpath &_ "' onClick=showRadioInfo>" & objShortcut.Description & "</BUTTON><BR>" End If Next It does get the shortcuts, but just not the shortcut path. Any ideas? I can post more code if need be. If I just do a Msgbox "Path =" & objShortcut.targetpath It will just show Path = But if I do Msgbox objShortcut.name it will provide the name of the shortcut(lnk) ( same concept with objShortcut.Description)
  8. ZeroStack

    Cannot get target path in WinPE 3.0

    I dont know, I havent tried as I have only built a WinPE 3.0.... If there are limitations in 3.0 vs 2.0, any idea how I can bypass this issue to get that information of the files on the network drive? I do not want to make the calls static as what would defeat the concept with what I am trying to do lol...
  9. ZeroStack

    Cannot get target path in WinPE 3.0

    I have placed: winpe-mdac.cab winpe-scripting.cab winpe-hta.cab winpe-pppoe.cab winpe-wds-tools.cab winpe-wmi.cab