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  1. Actually I believe 300-400ms is just a typo, you mean 300-400µs. And I mean 100-200µs = 01,-02,ms. If your latency is really 300ms, then I have bad news for you... :wacko: Grats for firs hit and good luck!
  2. >doveman Hi, i am far to regard myself as specialist, however your case is quite similar to mine (HTPC, based on Athlon II, running mediaportal…) so I am sharing unsorted experience and ideas… may be something helps: - Blame mediaportal as last option. By my experience it is pretty solid-coded. All the tweaks, patches and so are usually created to bridge some other HW/SW issues, not the mediaportal itself errors. - Do the glitches occur when Mediaportal is completely down? I mean have you tried to shut down mediaportal including TV service and run the log while for example some stand-alone player (WMP…) is running? - You wrote (Posted 28 June 2012 - 02:30 PM): “Mediaportal logs show continuity errors at 21:03:50” and (Posted Yesterday, 02:32 PM): “errors appear every hour at 35 minutes past” which is a bit contradictory. It might be long path to follow this direction. - You wrote (Posted 12 July 2012 - 02:31 PM): “Latency stayed under 300 or 400 ms” – which is according my experience above normal and can be the right indicator of system health. The kernel latency should be < 0,1 ms in average (I know, LatencyMonitor is not showing the average, its just “as you see the actual latency” estimation…) peaks <0,2ms max. The trick is you can see it immediately after various attempts and tests, you don’t have to wait until some bigger/random hiccup occurs. - Have you tried to run safe mode and then investigate the system performance? Might be interesting benchmark. - And the last one – in my case no software trick helped. Simply the physical presence of the TV card caused the issue and no tool or log or utility pointed this direction…
  3. Andre, Short version: Solved. The cause was AVer Trinity TV card. Long version: During various attempts I have realized that the kernel timer latency reported by LetencyMon is a bit on high side (cca 0,3- 0,4 ms) for the machine even at the idle state of PC (just services running, including Mediaoportal TV service => CPU cca 2%-3%. In “stall” of PC (=CPU > 50%) kernel latency exploded to hundreds of ms. Tried to disable various devices in device manager => no change. Then I started from scratch, physically unplugged all devices (idle kernel timer latency about 0,1 ms) and returned devices one by one. As I plugged the Aver TV card, latency increased to previous 0,3-0,4 ms in idle state. Here we go. No freezes so far. What is interesting: - the TV card generally worked – able to tune, watch… everything - the lockouts of CPU NEVER happened during use of the TV Card, always when doing something else, usually (not always) when some heavy USB data traffic occurs - device manager enable/disable the card doesn’t change anything on the performance The Aver TV card used to be weakest point from the very beginning of this PC (2 years ago), however I thought I solved it and it is OK. At the end it was not. Learning point: What a fool man can become seeing interesting piece of HW in the catalogue. Even from almost no name company from Taiwan… Thanks a lot for inspiration and … you know, it helps sometimes just to share the troubles with somebody THX!
  4. Not during this log. I made this error before, however got just error message from xperf, google helped me to find the reason. This log is without latencymon running. Only if there is some service... might be the case (havent check that).
  5. looks like you've uploaded the kernel.etl. This file is useless for me. The file only works on the PC where the data were captured. For sure no,t as: 1) can parse the file on another PC 2) dont know, how to create kernel.etl The only strange thing is that the log is cumulated in the beggining of time axis even thou it has logged something like 5 minutes. Not sure if the time axis labels are seconds... Anywa will try to log once more, when the isuue occur. Thanks so far!
  6. Hi Andre, got the impression you are the (only) one to save me . As usual, the story is: - CPU randomly stalling at +50% - reboot = fix - occurs randomly, sometime directly after start, sometime after hours of using, but generally very seldom (like once a week while using PC everyday) - temperature seems not to be the issue (max 50) - BIOS, drivers... up to date (as far as i can see) - All power management settings I was able to find disabled/ set to „max power“ Could you see something interesting in the logs, please? What about the hal.dll? Logs: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B-XYYunI5kZqRDEtbFJLZzdZY00 Anyway thank you for help and eternal patience!