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  1. USB Multiboot 10

    Not sure that would have helped. In any case I found the bios a bit confusing on this. My eeebox is older and apparently the way this piece of info (and others) are organized is a bit different than later models. Descriptions on how to find this and correct it didn't match my bios. There are plenty of "eula not found" posts around here and last night I probably tried 5 different fixes unsuccessfully. This is getting a bit OT for this thread title and I'll post further in more appropriate places. Thanks to jaclaz for the "manual" link as this has given me enough hands-on experience to implement the EULA fix attempts.
  2. USB Multiboot 10

    A breakthrough of sorts. Turns out the EB1007 needs to have the bios' SATA setting to IDE. Mine was ACPI. That at least got the ball rolling a bit. Now I'm working on a EULA not found error. Basic files get loaded and I come to screen where I can officially start installing. I hit Enter and get the EULA error. I've searched threads here and came upon suggested solutions but none have yet worked.
  3. Setup cannot find EULA

    I have the same issue and a search found just one eula - \i386\eula.txt. Did you integrated device drivers? Yes sure. Some drivers have *eula*.txt included such as Sony, Intel etc. And XP setup confused. So you'l need to delete all *eula*.* files from your device driver folder. I used to met this strange thing before.
  4. Setup cannot find EULA

    I have the same issue described here, and put the snippet you suggest into my txtsetup.sif. No help.
  5. USB Multiboot 10

    Rash is the last thing I am. I've used instruction sets from across the net utilizing various toolsets including WinToFlash, ISOtoUSB, the manual instructions mentioned here, and USB Multiboot, WinSetupFromUSB, etc. Nothing has worked. Nothing. I've now devoted roughly 15 hours to this over 3 days. The method of error varies, but nothing has worked. And the fact remains - that latest version of BootUSB (5.3) mentioned at 911cd literally doesn't work. Which is the point where I threw up my hands and got a little frustrated.
  6. USB Multiboot 10

    That was a good suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't work. After the initial txt mode setup of XP loaded some files the message "Setup is starting Windows" comes up...... and then a BSOD. Some previous attempts with tools also got me to this point, though faster. I don't think I've got a hardware issue; the CentOS on the box (an eee box EB1007 with a bigger drive) runs fine with no issues.
  7. USB Multiboot 10

    And your helpful suggestion is? I've already tried WinSetupFromUSB. Maybe it is because you are using a tool outside it's intended usage paradigm. This tool has helped surely thoudands, likely tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands people in installing XP from USB device. (people that were running XP) Some other tools, including he one wimb pointed you to or the "other app": have been developed since, some may work "better", some may NOT work, some may be working AND more convenient. Try looking at the half full glass , if you had this *need* before 2007 you would have had NO possibilities whatsoever . jaclaz
  8. USB Multiboot 10

    Those instructions suck. I can't even get bootusb to work properly. It just sits there with no working buttons except Exit. I must have registered accounts on 4-5 separate forums since last night. Why is it so hard to install XP via USB?
  9. USB Multiboot 10

    So I set UAC off and rebooted. Also changed 6.0 to 6.1. USBM seemed to work ok and after a few minutes I had my USB finished. Tried to boot eeebox off this and failed. Did come up with menu that had several options. All failed for various reasons. I think 2 separate options gave BSODs, a couple gave hal.dll errors. I think the last menu option - attended xp - seemed to get me the furthest before failing. The instructions on that page you cite have some ambiguities and its tough to follow. I've put in over 10 hours on this now.
  10. USB Multiboot 10

    If I edit the script to hardcode the TEE.BAT path and run as admin the shell does open but immediately closes. What Windows version do you use ?
  11. USB Multiboot 10

    Win7. What Windows version do you use ?
  12. USB Multiboot 10

    I see the same exact error, and there are NO spaces in the path. Actually I get that error if I run the script as Admin. Of course if I don't I get an Admin error. And the TEE.BAT is indeed right where it is supposed to be. Have you followed to the letter the instrutions in the thread: particularly: The file TEE.BAT is exactly where it should be inside the .zip, and I see no reason why it shouldn't be there when the achive is unzipped. jaclaz