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  1. Thanks for the reply jaclaz. I have tried this: "Easy test, holding the drive in your hand, with NO power attached, then try slowly rotating it from a horizontal position to a vertical one and continue until you have completely flipped over the drive. Power it up and try doing the same movements, you'll notice immediately (if it is spinning ) a kind of resistance due to the gyroscopic effect of the rotating platter(s)." I can feel the drive spin up, then spin down, then spin up and down in an endless loop. What I can't feel or hear compared to a drive that I know works is the heads moving - no clicking, no feeling of them seeking at power up. Any advice on what I can do or is it a case of send it away for data recovery?
  2. I have managed to get one step further by removing all the screws: F3 T>/2 F3 2>Z Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.155 msecs F3 2>U once I send the U command I can hear that the drive is trying to spin up but seems to spin up and then down endlessly. The sound isn't a buzz but a whirring sound. So again it sounds like the same problem as AVIATEL. He was recommended to read a few posts higher by Jaclaz - which post was this specifically? I'm guessing I have a bigger problem than the standard bsy problem?
  3. Hi, I'd be grateful for any help that can be given! I have a Seagate ST31000340AS with firmware SD81. I have been trying to apply the fix shown here but haven't succeeded. I have got a USB cable connected to my drive and can connect via hyper terminal. When following the steps I have a similar problem to what AVIATEL was having on page 206 when trying the Z command: F3 T>/2 F3 2>Z LED:000000CE FAddr:00280575 LED:000000CE FAddr:00280575 I always get this error no matter how long I seem to leave between pressing ctrl + z and any other command. The motor pins are not touching - I have card in between. Background info about the drive it constantly sounds like it is spinning up then down, once I hit Z this stops and I get the LED:000000CE FAddr:00280575 resposnce in the terminal. Any suggestions on what to do or try now would be much appreciated!