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  1. Nope it doesn't help I made my Word.Exe (it costed me 9 hours of compressing )
  2. I'm going to turn off my virtual memory, maybe that'll help My ram is 256 Mb when 7z wants ~340....
  3. 10x ppl, I got it...... I was thinking that the errors that I got was my mistakes, but I learned the way it's working. thanks a lot. now I'm making My Office P.S. is it normal that compressing of 70Mb Takes 1:30 hour ? (P IV, 2200Mhz, 256Mb Ram)
  4. Asta > I'm reading U'r topic and the same problem has r0sWell and titou2k I mean error 1308 !
  5. can it be the slipstreaming problem if it's installing fine with it's unattended.mst ?
  6. shrink_lang02.exe works only with file named unattended.mst ? I made an mst only for word (I want to make word.exe) and named it word.mst !
  7. Ppl... Nobody can help me with this ?
  8. Ppl, it doesn't help 1. I'm installing WinXp On VirtualPc2004 (after mading 2 HDDs for VirtualPc) 2. Installing Office2003 on D: using: "setup /a" 2. Slipstreaming as it's written in the manual (http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/office2003_slipstreaming.htm) 3. Slipstreaming also some other updates >>> office2003-kb870774-fullfile-enu.exe, office2003-kb887982-fullfile-enu.exe, office2003-kb890854-fullfile-ENU.exe, No errors, everything excellent. 4. Installing Office 2003 Resource Kit, making unattended.mst as it's shown on Unattended.mst.jpg (I Attached), Word.Mst, Excel.Mst..... with the detailed setting I want. (Including Serial >>> CDKey.Jpg) 5. Installing Office2003 to be sure source's working. Here's the command: setup.exe TRANSFORMS=D:\Office2003\unattended.MST /qb- (Office2003.Jpg). Everything is excellent ! 6. Rebooting, Formatting C:, Installing WinXp once more 'cus after installing Office2003 it's not Clean Installation. 7. After installing I have "Windows Xp Proff." on C: and "Slipstreamed Office 2003 Administrative" on D: (Second HDD) 8. Trying to Shrink using Word.Mst...( Source="D:\Office2003\", Target="D:\Word\", Setup.Exe="D:\Office2003\Setup.Exe" *.Mst="D:\Office2003\Word.mst") 9. It gives a lot of errors like this >>> Error 1308 (Some Files in D:\Word\... are not found) (Some Of that Errors are attached >>> Error 1.Jpg, Error 2.Jpg, Error 3.Jpg) What to do ? Images are Here
  9. My xp is with sp2 slipstreamed. Should I have installed office, or it's not making any difference ? I felt that it makes difference. If It is necceserry please move my topic to yours...
  10. English Office 2003 Professional Edition Without frontpage with this serial : 7
  11. Office is slipstreamed correctly because I can install anything (word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, publisher infopath...) using it's .mst using command: C:\Office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=c:\office2003\Word.Mst /qb (It's normal installing) 7z work's fine, I can compress anything... I think all the problem is with shrink_lang02.exe (everything is ok before I use shrink_lang02.exe)... can You send me the script, maybe I can understand & correct my problems if I see what is it doing and how...
  12. I downloaded "Office 2003 Sp1 Admin" and other administrative upadates and slipstreamed with Office 2003. Made 7 .mst-s > Word.mst, excel, access, powerpoint, outlook, publisher and infopath.mst . It look's like in picture I attached ! Here's the problem > I can't shrink it 1. When "shrink_lang02.exe" asks for "Office Source", I enter "C:\Office2003\" (It's the place of slipstreamed "Office 2003 Sp1 Admin", it's not the normal "Office 2003 Proff."). 2. When it asks for "Office Target", I enter "C:\Office\" (empty directory). 3. For "Office Setup Exe" >>> "C:\Office2003\Setup.Exe". 4. For Mst file >>> "C:\Office2003\Word.Mst" (it's the mst to install only word). after that it begins: 1. Gathering required info... 2. and after that gives a lot of errors like >>> "Setup cannot find the required file C:\office\FILES\PFILES\COMMON\MSSHARED\OFFICE11\USP10.DLL". 3. Shrinking complete message, or something like that. 4. canceling... (running back). after this: "c:\office\" is 66.2 Mb-s. Sometimes it's 7Mb not depending what mst am I using. I'm renaming Word.mst to unattended.mst, deleting other mst-s, copying Installer.exe, archiving all in that folder with 7z (when the size is 66.2 Mb, archiving freezes at 48% and nothing can be done, so I'm terminating), deleting all except Office.7z, renaming Office.7z to Word.7z, extracting finish.exe, running command: copy /b 7zs.sfx + config.txt + Word.7z Word.Exe Word.Exe is created ! Let's try to open ! Error ! Am I doing all right ? I guess no please help to correct who can...... PS. It was interesting to see that before archiving I can install Word with this command: C:\Office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=C:\Office2003\Word.Mst /qb-
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